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> Generally yeah. The Fed needed a lot of MS jocks and fast...
>They more than anybody else can succeed with 90 day boy wonder and for
>the most part can be successful- especially if mobile suits are used
>on the ground. The Space Nazis had the advanatge of initially having
>mechs but squandered it either through committing so many resources
>on the ueberweapons- mobile armors and committing large portions of
>their standing military to assault Earth (which they were bound to
>lose because it was the EF's home turf and decided to kick the space
>trash out with one swift campaign).

I agree with this. it would have been better, I think, to bombard from the
sky. landing on earth was a costly idea, though it WOULD make sense if they
were after the gold, as some people have posited...but then, don't some asteroids
also have gold? and what would be the practical uses of gold aside from its
conductivity and potential use as part of visual filters?

> Even the most powerful MS has a limited amounts of thrust and
>reaction mass/fuel to make a very unaerodynamic rock fly. Space is
>different there is for all intents and purpsoes no gravity to pull
>objects down to a large spheroid body.

hmm...wouldn't it also be difficult in the sense that manuevering would be highly
different? unless of course, the computer handled retrothrusters and all that
for braking and turning and all that.

>> So given that, what branch of the military would have been able to adapt

>> best?
> The Feds will probably look for individual volunteers because it
>makes no sense to convert large numbers of untis when some soldiers
>nor will not cope. Suits may have revolutized how fleet actions are
>conducted in space because ships no longer have the sensor capabilties
>make the "T-shaped" gun battle a reality but they will not replace the
>armor, artillery, the infantry, etc on the ground. Supplement and
>compliment but not replace.

hmmm. that makes for a good argument, mixing MS's with standard armor and equipment.
 but the roles woiuld radically change. please expound, I find this to be a
very intersting idea.

>> You take someone from a tank platoon and throw them in a MS and they're
>> going to be hindered because they're not thinking in 3D.
> I'm not so sure. A MS platoon on the ground will have to adopt
>many if not all the tactics so prevalent at small unit armored
>The bounding and traveling overwatch, the line, the column, echelon
>left and right, and the wedge and vee.
> Because they are significantly taller they cannot take advantage
>of hull/turret defilade positions; ability to haid in depressions from
>view and then drive up the slope and hammmer away. OTOH since suits
>generally have at least a limited amount of fuel and a fair amount of
>tens of thousands lbs of static thrust/kilonewtons they can do the
>Battletech Death from above scenario quite nicely or at least make
>the movement to contact phase a lot more interesting.

So it would be basically infantry training but without the use of covering positions?
 wouldn't that be almost a throwback to the old skirimishing styles of combat?
 or would the use of advanced C&C play a big part in this?

> Yes they will be need to be retrained on how to fight in
>space but when their feet touches solid ground they know how to fight. space, the third dimension is always a problem....remember how Kou
fought seemed obvious to me that Gato had way more experience in 3d
than Kou....i mean, kou just fought in a 2d idea, while gato was shifting axes
all over the place.

>> Taking the other end of the spectrum, you've got fighter jocks, who should

>> be fine in space MS combat, but put them on the ground and they'd be at a

>> serious disadvantage, not having any experience at making use of cover and

>> standing still.
> So you keep them flying FF type core fighters as in the Blue
>Destiny manga and if they volunteer and are accepted they'll have to
>learn the MS on the ground is flying rock... Or jsut keep things
>and post them to space duty.

I agree with this. let them use the core fighters first to get them used to
the controls, then gradually introduce them to using MS's with similar if not
the same controls...

> If you're at war there;s a tendency to shortcut training. That
>can only cost you but a principle of war is mass. The ability to mass
>troops, materiel, weapons sytems either strategically outproducing
>the enemy or on a operational/tactical level where your side shows
>up somewhere with more and newer stuff because you took a short
>cut and went around a bend instead of through their lines.

hmmm...Normandy style?

>> An infantryman seems a good choice, since MS's are humanoid, but they
>> wouldn't have the benefit of military equipment extending their abilities,

>> so they're still thinking like a human. They might do okay on the ground,

>> but they'd definately have problems in space.
> You'll need all the infantry you can get. If the Jions have any
>sort of riflemen even support troops elite light infantry will make
>them wish they never set foot on Terra.

I think that was what was missing from the the campaign....elite rifle/sniper

>> Oddly enough, my vote goes to helicopter pilots. They're already experienced

>> in three dimensional movement, they make use of ground cover, and they'd
>> more comfortable than the others in both space and ground battles, since

>> they're already accustomed to free movement.
> Rotary wing aviation amy not give its crewmen an opportunity because
>choppers are so versatile... Think about how the Huey's used and it
>gotten any better even if current utility birds are larger and
>as more capable. While some of these a/c will be aerodynes or tilt
>or tilt rotors same concept the ability to maneuver operational forces
>higher end tactical forces) through the air and not just the ground.

As funny as this may sound, but MA pilots would probably be chopper pilots.
 the way a chopper moves seems to be close to how some MA's are piloted.

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