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>I'm placcing my bets on the Aggai/Acguy. It sort of fits in HGUC criteria,
>with it's "Never going to make it to Master Grade" huggable psychotic Teddy
>bear design.
>It would be cool if it came with extra parts so you could change it into one
>of the two variants from MSX.

I'd be real happy with some HGUC Doms! As much as I liked the RDII, I'd
love to see the original get a HGUC, maybe recylcled into the RDII. I'd
also ((really)) like to see an HGUC for Katoki's Dom Tropen from 0083.
Granted, it wouldn't lend itself to any recycling, but I don't think
recyclying is really an issue for HGUC models. With internal detail being
intrinsic in a Master Grade, I can see the need for recyclability to make
them economically feasable. For the HGUCs, though, exterior detail and
articulation seem to be a hight priority, and with less molds necessary
recycling shouldn't be as much of a concern. How many HGUC variants are we
likely to see for the Gyan, the Guntank, or the Hyaku Shiki?

And, of course, the world ((desperately)) needs a HGUC Marasai!


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