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Leslie_R wrote:
> if the suits are agile enough they can squat, sit, lie down, go prone
> jsut like infantry..

        Squatting or kneeling might not be to big of a problems if
the mech engineers were actually doing something right other than
smoking a very big doobie and watching Pink Floyd's The Wall :P.
Being on your gut might be a bigger problem with a mech...and
seeing how mech shoot in Gundam they really need a range NCO
with a spotting scope screaming "HIGH AND TO THE RIGHT"
click click "LOW AND TO THE LEFT" click click "HIT.

> and depneding on the terrain an MS isn't strictlyy
> out of cover..

        But remember it's easier to dig a six foot revetment
for a M1, Leo or if Gods are kindless and you remain British
the Challenger :P. It's harder to find 15 meter tall tree
forest or hills- not impossible but harder and harder to
develop combat engineer hardware (remember folks a combat
enginee a sapper has two roles- mobility enhancement and
countermobility) to dig fighting positions for GMs and
Gun Cannons. Course if they can make a VTR out of a
Gun Tank then there's a possibility to fit that sucker
with a bucket scoop and a dozer blade (will look
totally ugly though and I'd shoot whoever was
responsible though)
        Yes folks I do remember ep 1 of 0083 but
again that tkaes more preparation but remember what
Bonaparte said about time it's a resource that nobody
        All this means armored units and tactics clearly
aren't obsolescent by any means but MSs do add some of
new dimension.

                                        Mad Mike

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