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<< After reading the two page "Rumble" from BlazeEagle it makes me wonder,
 who the heck was BlazeEagle responding to in his lengthy diatribe about the
 good points of Robotech? And what the hell is it doing on this list?
      I also noticed a reference to "when I was in High School"... WTF? And
 all this time I thought he hadn't gotten there yet.
      Am I the only one who thinks Aaron is off his medication? >>

  Your subject is a direct attack against me, Ready to Rumble indeed. I've
been out of High School since 1998. I stated that my rumble was not directed
at anyone, it was just a rumble. Everyone was getting along fine, until this
rude email appeared. I did nothing to you and I DO NOT appreciate this. Stop
this right here and now. I do not want a flame war. This is uncalled for and
I am sure others don't appreciate it as well. If you continue this, I will
report you to hotmail mail, understand? My rumble was just a rumble and was
not meant to hurt anyway.

  I am perfectly sane and I do not take ANY medication. I want you to stop
this. Do not bother me with this immature nonsense again. I am not in the
mood for a fight and if you start one, I will try my best to ignore it. If
you start any harassment, I WILL report you to the proper authorities,
understand? I will not indulge you in this petty stuff.

LEAVE ME ALONE!! Your are not worth any more of my time. This is unneeded and


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