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> Taking the other end of the spectrum, you've got fighter jocks, who should
> be fine in space MS combat, but put them on the ground and they'd be at a
> serious disadvantage, not having any experience at making use of cover and
> standing still.
> An infantryman seems a good choice, since MS's are humanoid, but they
> wouldn't have the benefit of military equipment extending their abilities,
> so they're still thinking like a human. They might do okay on the ground,
> but they'd definately have problems in space.
> Oddly enough, my vote goes to helicopter pilots. They're already
> experienced
> in three dimensional movement, they make use of ground cover, and
> they'd be
> more comfortable than the others in both space and ground battles, since
> they're already accustomed to free movement.
> Any thoughts? Anyone care to cast their vote in with someone else?

For the space campaign, the Federation Mobile Suit pilots have a lot of
converted space fighter pilots. It fits that the space fighter, who is
already used to 3-D space combat, now gets a truely manueverable space craft
that is more powerful than his old craft.

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