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Mad Mike wrote:
> > You take someone from a tank platoon and throw them in a MS and they're
> > going to be hindered because they're not thinking in 3D.
> I'm not so sure. A MS platoon on the ground will have to adopt
> many if not all the tactics so prevalent at small unit armored
> warfare.
> The bounding and traveling overwatch, the line, the column, echelon
> left and right, and the wedge and vee.
> Because they are significantly taller they cannot take advantage
> of hull/turret defilade positions; ability to haid in depressions from
> view and then drive up the slope and hammmer away.

if the suits are agile enough they can squat, sit, lie down, go prone
jsut like infantry.. and depneding on the terrain an MS isn't strictlyy
out of cover.. look at Episode 4 of 0083.. the Zakus hiding in the
woods, behind the hill, Kou Keith and Monsha hiding out in the

OTOH since suits
> generally have at least a limited amount of fuel and a fair amount of
> tens of thousands lbs of static thrust/kilonewtons they can do the
> Battletech Death from above scenario quite nicely or at least make
> the movement to contact phase a lot more interesting.
> Yes they will be need to be retrained on how to fight in
> space but when their feet touches solid ground they know how to fight.
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LOL, that was a good episode :)

"can you try to land on something soft? alright, i'll just aim between
General Melchert's ears"
-same episode
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