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Some comments on the GML over the last little while got me thinking. Given
early MS technology, it was probably easier/cheaper/faster (at least for the
short term) to retrain existing military personnel to pilot mobile suits
than it was to ramp up a training program (which you didn't even have
instructors for yet) to train people from scratch. So given that, what
branch of the military would have been able to adapt best?
You take someone from a tank platoon and throw them in a MS and they're
going to be hindered because they're not thinking in 3D. They've been
attatched to the ground for their military career, so they won't make full
use of their jump jets (what's the gundam term for them, anyway?). Like
Norris said in 08th MS Team, they were thinking too linearally and as such
he was better able to take advantage of his environment. Spacenoids have a
natural advantage here, since from birth, they haven't been tied to the same
Taking the other end of the spectrum, you've got fighter jocks, who should
be fine in space MS combat, but put them on the ground and they'd be at a
serious disadvantage, not having any experience at making use of cover and
standing still.
An infantryman seems a good choice, since MS's are humanoid, but they
wouldn't have the benefit of military equipment extending their abilities,
so they're still thinking like a human. They might do okay on the ground,
but they'd definately have problems in space.
Oddly enough, my vote goes to helicopter pilots. They're already experienced
in three dimensional movement, they make use of ground cover, and they'd be
more comfortable than the others in both space and ground battles, since
they're already accustomed to free movement.

Any thoughts? Anyone care to cast their vote in with someone else?

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