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>Hi Everyone, I know this isn't actually an Evangelion ML, but I know a lot of
>you have watched it, so I was wondering if I could ask a few questions.
>I just managed to borrow the whole Evangelion Anime series and have watched
>it in it's entirety. Now I know, obviously that it is a confoluted headfuck
>series, but I am not sure about a few things.
>1. What happened to everyone at the end? I mean they show scenes of Rytsuko
>with a bullet wound in the back, Mitsago with blood everywhere, and IIRC
>Asuka with an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. but then
>again at the end everyone is saying congratulations, blah, blah, blah. So
>what the heck happened?

You have to watch the End of Evangelion. Let me just put it this way otherwise: What you see in the tv series ending is kinda what is going through Shinji's head, with some flashes from what is happening in the real world. EoE is what happens in reality.

>2. Am I correct in assuming that Yui Ikari was turned into unit 1 somehow.
>At one point Gendo Ikari was talking to the Eva but addressing it as her. Or
>is she somehow involved with the Rei clones?

Yes...who do you think the human DNA donor for Rei was? Or why they looked so much alike?

>3. What was the goal of SEELE? I know that Gendo was trying to push for
>Instrumentality, but I thought they had a different goal.

Yes...or kinda same goal, different methods, reasons and end results. Both wanted instrumentality but not the same way or with the same ending. Neither quite got what they wanted.

>4. I am assuming that Rei was her true self when she confronted Rytsuko's
>mother. Is that correct?

That was the original Rei, yes.

>5. What was the entire scope of Instrumenality? Yeah that is probably a
>tough one, and I actually kinda have an idea about what it is, but I was
>wondering what everyone else's take was.

See EoE. To say anymore would spoil alot of the movie. Manga is supposed to release it commercially in the next year or two, after a possible theatrical release. Although I can't really see too many Americans liking it.

>6. What was the intended ending, which was later shown in movie form?
>Thanks, and now back to all things GUNDAM!!!

Spoils too much to say anything. Sorry.


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