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standard type.

As for future HGUCs, perhaps they will make a Galbaldy Beta, which in turn
can be easily converted to a Gaz-R and Gaz-L from ZZ. A Gaza-C release could
be converted to a Gaza-D. I am a little surprised to not see an HGUC GM,
which could be converted to a GM II with little effort, and maybe even a GM
III. Imagine how many variants of an HGUC Zaku II or Gelgoog could be made?>
> Anyone have any other ideas?
> Tom

Don't forgot the retoolings that will be easy to do with the Hizack -
   the "Eyezack" & the Custom Hizack (RMS-106CS).

A Gaza-C to Gaza-D conversion would not work. While the two may share the
same basic design, there is not a single structural area that is exactly the
same in the two kits. Coversions are all about recycling existing pieces
without any retoolings. A GM to GM-II might work, but a GM-III would
require new arms, legs, head and the backpack from the RX-178 (only the
basic body and shield would remain the same). Many of the original ZZ kits
were retoolings of existing kits (Gaz-L/R, desert Zaku, Eyezack, Regelgoog,
Dwadage were all based of Zeta or MSV kits) so I'm sure that if any of the
originals were maded into a HGUC Bandai would produces the same modfied kits


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