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> >Argh! i've been had. What was the album that featured 0083 music again?
> Go to www.gundamproject.com, it should have all the info you need.
> >Magic something? .....?
> >That was some good vital info too
> There is a CD single of Magic, which comes with The Winner as a "b-side".

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory BGM, Volume I is Victor VICL-113.
Magic is the last track. A shorter, instrumental version is Track 7.

Volume II is Victor VICL-271. No Jacob Wheeler here, but you get both Japanese
and English versions of the Mio OP/ED.

The two-CD box set is Victor VICL-40038/40039, which was released by Son May
Records as SM-186/187. Magic is Track 1 on the first CD, the instrumental
version is Track 14 on the second CD.

There's a CD-Single of the songs from Last Blitz of Zeon (True Shining and Mon
Etoile, which are included on the CD box) -- Victor VIDL-111.

In addition, there were two "CD Cinema" radio dramas, Runga Offing Cannonade
Battle and Mayfly of Space, released as Victor VICL-270 and Victor VICL-271,
respectivly. Mayfly of Space, which gives the Cima Garahau back stroy, was
released by Son May as SM-197.


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