Sun, 30 Jul 2000 13:22:40 EDT

I think the key to future HGUC kits will be how much money they can make off
variants to the kits.

I assume with the release of the "black" Rick Dias, that we will see it
released in the "red" color scheme we are all used to. I am also thinking
that with a little retooling, we will probably see the "Sturm Dias" from

We can see that we have two different Quebeley's (Haman's and the MK-II) If
the reports of a Bawoo are true, then we will see it in both colors
(green/red). The Zaku III has the second version coming out, which is the
standard type.

As for future HGUCs, perhaps they will make a Galbaldy Beta, which in turn
can be easily converted to a Gaz-R and Gaz-L from ZZ. A Gaza-C release could
be converted to a Gaza-D. I am a little surprised to not see an HGUC GM,
which could be converted to a GM II with little effort, and maybe even a GM
III. Imagine how many variants of an HGUC Zaku II or Gelgoog could be made?

Anyone have any other ideas?


P.S. I know they released Ranba Ral's Gouf and the Hyaku-Shiki, but we all
know that those MS are so cool, that they could not avoid doing them. (Now,
if they will get cracking on MG versions of those!)

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