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> > ZZ (the ZZ Gundam is the MS, the show's called Gundam ZZ) gets it's bad rep
> > the first season, but it becomes much better in the second. And both
> > feature some of the best BGM and theme songs in the entire saga,
> Ugh, no way man. Anime Ja Nai is my least favorite gundam theme. Silent voice
is OK
> though. The endings are pretty icky too.

OK, I'll qualify that and say that, IMHO, ZZ featured some of the best BGM and
theme songs of its time. The year was 1986 and the field includes Anmitsu Hime,
Border Planet, Bosco Adventure, Doteraman, Dragonball, Elfie of Blue Sea, G.I.
Joe, Heart Cocktail, Ikkiman, Kickers, Legend of Light, Machine Robo: Kronos
Revenge, Maison Ikkoku, Mapletown, Oh! Family, Pastel Yumi, Pollyanna, Saint
Seiya, Sangokushi II, Spaceship Sagittarius, Transformers 2010, and, Wixard of
Oz, and Wonder Beat S.

> > Come second season, ZZ straightens out and flies right,
> Unfortunately I've only seen a few episodes of ZZ, I'd like to see it but I
> dissapointed enough with what I have seen not to fork out for the box set.
Wish I
> had someone to trade copies with, but I guess that I can't discuss such
> things on this list.

Fansub is verboten and, what with Napster and all, trading electronic copies of
commercial tapes, LD and DVD will surely become so if it's not already, but most
early anime trading was and remains perfectly legitimate if, as it so often did,
it involves OFF-AIR recordings.

I Am Not A Lawyer, but I have it on good authority that TV broadcasts are public
domain by definition, and that recordings of TV broadcasts, even those edited to
remove commercials, are the property of the people who made the recording.
Recordings from cable or satellite transmission are not public domain, because
they are "narrowcast" via a proprietary channel, so you can't legally trade in
Cartoon Network or Sci-Fi Channel content, but tape recordings of public TV
broadcasts of, say, Gundam ZZ, are fair game.

They're also grainy as hell and impossible to subtitle, recorded in monaural on
1980s vintage two-head VCRs, usually in the no-longer-supported 4-hour LP mode,
with dropouts and glitches galore. But that's how we did it in your
granddaddy's day and the video is still out there and, in so far as I know,
still legal to do with as you please.


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