Charlie Hetherington (
Sun, 30 Jul 2000 11:09:39 CDT

no way, Resolution from Gundam X is the best theme song. Put that song
along with the killer Gundam X opening you can almost FEEL the power of that
sleek Gundam.....

>From: Brett Jensen <>
>Subject: Re: [gundam] A strange thing happened while watching X...
>Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000 10:28:14 -0700
>-Z- wrote:
> > ZZ (the ZZ Gundam is the MS, the show's called Gundam ZZ) gets it's bad
>rep from
> > the first season, but it becomes much better in the second. And both
> > feature some of the best BGM and theme songs in the entire saga,
>Ugh, no way man. Anime Ja Nai is my least favorite gundam theme. Silent
>voice is OK
>though. The endings are pretty icky too.
> > Come second season, ZZ straightens out and flies right,
>Unfortunately I've only seen a few episodes of ZZ, I'd like to see it but I
>dissapointed enough with what I have seen not to fork out for the box set.
>Wish I
>had someone to trade copies with, but I guess that I can't discuss such
>things on this list.
>---Brett Jensen
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