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-Z- wrote:

> ZZ (the ZZ Gundam is the MS, the show's called Gundam ZZ) gets it's bad rep from
> the first season, but it becomes much better in the second. And both seasons
> feature some of the best BGM and theme songs in the entire saga,

Ugh, no way man. Anime Ja Nai is my least favorite gundam theme. Silent voice is OK
though. The endings are pretty icky too.

> Come second season, ZZ straightens out and flies right,

Unfortunately I've only seen a few episodes of ZZ, I'd like to see it but I was
dissapointed enough with what I have seen not to fork out for the box set. Wish I
had someone to trade copies with, but I guess that I can't discuss such verboten
things on this list.

---Brett Jensen

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