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> You can
> just about mark the transition in tone and style by the change of
> opening theme
> from Anime Ja Nai to Silent Voice -- viva la difference!

No kidding. Anime Ja Nai (It Ain't Anime) was one of the most happy go
lucky song in all of Gundam openning. Silent Voice happened to be one of my
favorite Gundam song.

> But we're stuck with
> the characters and characterizations that were established in the
> first half and
> it takes some doing (not to mention the deaths and apparent
> deaths of several
> key characters) to transform them into true Gundam heroes.

I just has a bit of trouble with the characterization of the character
Gremmi. He went from a wide eye innocient to a Giren wannabe villian. And
the non-death of some of the apparent character is truely out of character
with Universal Century Gundam rule, if you see them die on screen, they are
dead once and for all time.

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