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I thought that the three shot limit applied only to the super-powerful
shots, but an undetermined amount of "normal" shots could be fired.
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henwee wrote:
> ok um,
> if the wing gundam's buster rifle needs charging after 3 shots, why is
> the wing zero's twin buster rifle able to keep firing after so many
> shots?
> if there's a technical answer to this, do pls include it. thanks.
> -henwee
i had assumed that the Wing Zero had such a significantly more
powerfulll reactor than the Wing Gundam that it could power the buster
rifles more effectivley wherase the Rifle of the Wing gundam needs a
trio of capacitors to store energy for fireing because it's engines
aren't potent enough to deliver enough power at one time for a buster
Rifle shot. did that make sense to anyone?

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