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SPOILER WARNING! This synopsis makes no attempt to avoid revealing any plot
elements! If you don't want to know, break off now and save this message
for future reference after you have actually seen the episodes. SPOILER

--Dafydd Neal Dyar

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Episodes 1 to 45 (of 50)
Created: 9 October 1986
Re-Evaluated: 15 November 1999
Episode 1: "Black Gundam"

Quattro Vezina and two AEUGO subordinates infiltrate Green Noah 1 (Side 7)
to confirm Quattro's suspicion that the EUG is doing military R&D there. He
discovers three prototypes of a new line of Mobile Suit, the Gundam Mark-II
(RX-178), code-named the "Black Gundam", just as he himself is discovered
by a military patrol and must make an quick escape.

On the other side of Green Noah 1, 17-year-old mechanical genius Camille
Vidan gets into an altercation with some jock schoolmates, partly his own
fault. His girlfriend Fa Yuri runs after him and together they go to the
space port for some sightseeing.

At the space port, Camille has a powerful Newtype psychic reaction at the
sight of Titan pilot Jared Mesa. When Jared makes fun of Camille's feminine
name, Camille attacks him. The military police intervene and drag the
soundly-beaten Camille off for interrogation.

The police chief is harsh and unsympathetic -- Camille has a "history of
antisocial behavior totally inappropriate to one of his obvious talent as
the colony's Junior Mobile Suit champion" -- and summons Hilda Vidan to the
police staion to take charge of her son.

Meanwhile, Jared takes off in Mark-II 01 to intercept the AEUGO spies
before they can escape. Quattro takes him on in mid-air -- jetpack and
handgun against Mobile Suit -- and tricks him into landing on the nearby
artificial mountainside. Quattro escapes during the ensuing landslide that
sends Jared crashing into the police station. Camille escapes in the
confusion, just missing his mother, as AEUGO's White Base-type battleship
Ahgama receives Quattro's signal to fire on Green Noah 1.

Episode 2: "Departure"

The Ahgama's Mega Particle Cannon blows a hole in the side of Green Noah 1,
allowing Quattro's confederates to pilot a pair of Rick Dias (RMS-099)
Mobile Suits into the colony in an attempt to capture a Gundam Mark-II. A
squad of general-purpose GM-II (RGM-79R) Mobile Suits intercepts them.
Jared has shut down his Mark-II 01 and witnesses a battle between the Rick
Dias and GM-IIs as he dismounts.

Meanwhile, Camille has made his way to the R&D station, where he boards
Mark-II 03. He is spotted by Emma Sheen, 03's Titan pilot, who tries to
stop him.

Bright Noah also sees Camille and recognizes him as the son of the "Black
Gundam" project chief engineer Franklin Vidan. He is reminded of the
original Gundam (RX-78) pilot Amuro Rei, who often worked in and around his
father's Mobile Suit projects, and does nothing to stop the boy.

Camille surprises everyone by attacking and disabling the remaining Mark-II
02. (His father is the chief engineer in charge of the modification, which
his mother designed, and he knows more than he should about the new Mobile

Quattro, back in his own "Red Comet" Rick Dias, offers to cease fire in
return for safe passage with the damaged Mark-II 02 -- the EUG forces are
outclassed and further hostilities will only destroy more of the civilian
community. Bright Noah agrees and Camille, fed up with Titan rule, follows
the AEUGO Mobile Suits in the Mark-II 03.

Camille is disturbed when he sees that Fa's house has been leveled by the
conflict, but is relieved when he catches sight of her fleeing from the

Back at the R&D station, Bright Noah is brutally beaten for his failure to
protect the Mark-II prototypes by Titan commander Basque Ohm's staff while
Emma Sheen looks on, disturbed by the violence of her fellow Titans.

As Camille follows the AEUGO Mobile Suits toward the Ahgama, he begins to
feel his Newtype power awaken within him.

Episode 3: "Within The Capsule"

Aboard the Ahgama, Camille is interviewed by Captain Henken Beckner and
AEUGO founder Blex Forra. They are delighted to learn that he is the son of
the designers of Gundam Mark-II.

The Titans are also aware of the possible consequences of Camille's
defection and take immediate action to rectify the situation. Layla Myra
Layla, a veteran mercenary pilot from the semiautonomous Granada Moon Base,
is sent to intercept and destroy the Ahgama. Layla launches her red
Galbaldy-Beta (RMS-117) from the Granadan battleship Bosnia to attack
Quattro's "Red Comet" Rick Dias.

The battle ends in a draw when a truce is called between the two forces.
Emma Sheen comes aboard the Ahgama to hand-deliver Basque's message to the
AEUGO crew. She is horrified when she hears the terms of her Titan masters:
return Camille and the stolen Mark-IIs or his parents will be executed!

Camille overhears these demands and takes off in Mark-II 03 to rescue his
mother, who is imprisoned in a life-support capsule midway between the
Titan battleship Alexandria and the Ahgama -- but Jared is there in a
Hizack (RMS-106) to prevent that very thing.

The Titan trap backfires disastrously, however, when the shot meant to
disable Camille's Mark-II 03 destroys the capsule instead. Camille goes
berserk as he witnesses his mother's death in the vacuum of space.

Episode 4: "Runaway Emma"

Camille shoots wildly at Jared's Hizack, then closes in and tries to beat
it to pieces with the Mark-II 03's "bare" hands. Quattro and Emma try to
stop him, but Layla attacks and drives them off. Camille is captured and
Quattro calls a cease fire, regrouping his forces to fight another day.

Franklin has the freedom of the ship aboard Alexandria, albeit under armed
escort. On his way to confinement, Camille accuses him of contriving his
mother's death -- he knows all about his father's mistress Margarita.
Camille is then accosted by Jared, who mocks him for his unmanly attachment
to his mother. Emma Sheen intervenes, but the damage is done -- Camille
silently swears bloody vengeance.

Basque's hostage operation convinces Emma that she's been fighting for the
wrong side. She frees Franklin and Camille from the brig and engineers an
escape from the Alexandria with all three Mark-II prototypes. Layla tries
to stop them in her Galbaldy-Beta, but is forced to retreat by Quattro's
Rick Dias.

Episode 5: "Father & Son & ?"

The captured Mark-II 02 and 03 are partly dismantled for repairs. Franklin
offers a few suggestions, then grabs a laser torch and forces one of the
workers to get him into Quattro's Rick Dias. He escapes from the Ahgama,
hoping both to redeem himself in the eyes of the EUG and earn a great
reward for himself and his mistress with the capture of a piece of AEUGO's
best military hardware.

Quattro gives chase in the Mark-II 01, followed closely by Camille in the
one-armed Mark-II 03 -- its left arm is still being repaired.

The Mark-IIs and Rick Dias are attacked by the Alexandria, which is unaware
of Franklin's escape. Quattro's Mark-II 01 is disabled as Camille arrives
on the scene. Camille gets the drop on his father's Rick Dias, but is
unwilling to shoot him. Franklin doesn't share his son's reservations and
empties his magazines in a vain attempt to hit Camille's wildly dodging

A shot from the Alexandria settles the matter, blowing a hole through the
Rick Dias, which explodes just as Franklin is bailing out. Camille has lost
both his parents to Titan ruthless, watching them die just a few feet away,
unable to save them.

Back on the Ahgama, Quattro tries to console Camille by telling him about
Char Aznable, who acted entirely on his own and kept his feelings to
himself until he'd avenged the deaths of his parents. Camille is
unconvinced, but Emma Sheen and Reccoa Londo notice the change in Quattro's

Episode 6: "To The Earth Sphere"

Titan supreme commander Hyman Jamitov and Basque Ohm try to determine the
Ahgama's next target, which appears to be a Solar Battery Satellite.

Camille begins designing the Z-Gundam (MSZ-006).

Layla and Jared have an argument over their relative status, but Jared
gives in and tries to make amends before she goes off on her next mission.

As the Ahgama prepares to drop Reccoa into South America to spy on the
Titan HQ in Jabrow, Quattro and Camille make a diversionary attack on a
Solar Battery Satellite, the expected target, to cover her descent.

Looking up at the night sky from his home in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Amuro Rei
witnesses the battle as meteoric lights in the sky.

Episode 7: "Escape At Side One"

The AEUGO leadership approves Camille's enlistment as a regular soldier.
Camille isn't sure he wants it, but accepts in order to continue piloting
the Mark-II 03. He's concerned about his ability to control his latent
Newtype powers.

The Ahgama docks at Bunch 30 in Side 1 so that Camille and Emma can witness
first-hand Basque's atrocity: three million inhabitants were killed with
G-3 nerve gas to suppress anti-EUG activity there. Bunch 30 is now a cosmic
ghost town.

The Bosnia arrives and Layla leads her commando team into Bunch 30 to size
up the opposition. Overhearing the AEUGO explanation of the Bunch 30
Incident, she confronts the group with the Titan version -- AEUGO rabble-
rousers fomented a rebellion.

Hostilities escalate and move outside, where Layla's Galbaldy-Beta is soon
locked in mortal combat with Camille's Mark-II. The battle triggers
Camille's Newtype powers and he kills Layla with a shot right through the
cockpit. As she dies, Layla perceives the truth and projects her regret
that there is no resolution to the conflict between Earth and its space

Jared is devastated by Layla's death and calls off the attack. He swears
vengeance against the pilot of the Mark-II, fulfilling Camille's vision of
an endless cycle of violence and enmity between the two.

Camille is confirmed as an AEUGO soldier/pilot and, having witnessed the
devastation of Bunch 30, has no regrets over Layla's death.

Episode 8: "Dark Side Of The Moon"

As the Ahgama approaches the Moon, Emma is also confirmed as an AEUGO
regular soldier.

Jared assumes command of Layla's Galbaldy-Beta and, under the pretext of a
post-repair test flight, sets out to ambush the Ahgama.

Quattro spies on Emma and Camille over the command video circuit and
overhears Camille express his belief that Quattro is really Char Aznable.
The conversation is interrupted by Jared's attack.

Camille goes out to defend the Ahgama in the Mark-II 03 with Quattro
backing him up in the Mark-II 01. Camille is taken aback by the fighting
style of the Galbaldy-Beta -- Jared was trained by Layla and uses many of
her techniques. The battle moves to the Moon's surface, with Camille
entirely on the defensive against a maddened Jared.

The Ahgama makes it safely to the far side of the Moon and, as it docks
safely at Ammon spaceport, Quattro joins the battle and drives Jared off
just as he is about to finish Camille.

Later, Quattro visits AEUGO financier Won Lee in Ammon City and together
they decide on the next target: Titan HQ base at Jabrow.

Meanwhile, Camille and Emma are en route to the "space junkyard" at Erica
when they're attacked by a Titan patrol led by Corcoran Cocker. During the
ensuing skirmish, Camille trips over the remains of Haro, the robot Amuro
Rei built for Fra Bow during the One Year War. On impulse, he takes it with
him when they escape.

Episode 9: "New Bonds"

Reccoa is captured just after landing in the Amazon. She is rescued by Kai
Shiden, who piloted the Guncannon (RX-77) during the One Year War, but is
now a war correspondent working with AUEGO. Kei tells Reccoa that the
Titans are moving their HQ out of Jabrow and together they plot to capture
a base radio station and transmit this information to the Ahgama.

Camille is spending most of his spare time fixing Haro, so much so that
he's late for a command staff meeting. Won Lee is outraged by Camille's
tardiness and backtalk and "disciplines" the boy by beating him up.

Camille recovers in the men's locker room where Quattro, Appori and Roberto
are getting ready to test the new Anaheim Electronics Type-100 (MSN-100.
Quattro is planning a raid on Granada to capture supplies and the New
Salamis-type battleship being built there. Camille joins him in the Mark-II

Aboard the Alexandria, Basque's personal aide Jamaican Daningan is also
inspecting the new Marasai (RMS-108), which are also built by Anaheim

Corcoran spots the AEUGO Mobile Suits on the lunar surface while monitoring
Ammon and orders an attack on the Ahgama with a squad of Hizacks. Emma goes
out in the Rick Dias to defend the Ahgama.

Quattro and Camille take control of Grenada in a quick battle. Camille's
Newtype powers alert him to Emma's predicament. He returns to Ammon just in
time to save Emma and turn the tide of battle against the Titans.

Reccoa and Kai infiltrate the Titan HQ in Jabrow.

Episode 10: "Reunion"

AEUGO learns what is happening in Jabrow and speeds up its attack
preparations. Camille continues to work on his Z-Gundam design, suggesting
it be made transformable for atmospheric travel.

The Alexandria launches a multiple missile attack, but Camille's quick
reaction saves Ammon from destruction.

Jared and Corcoran head an assault in the Marasais. The Ahgama and captured
Irish-class battleship Radish launch during the attack, giving Camille a
bad moment as he tries to defend Ammon and the escaping battleships. He
reluctantly abandons Ammon to protect the Ahgama.

[NOTE: There is some disagreement over whether the name of the battleship
is "Daikon" (Radish) or "Daikun" (after Char Aznable's father, Zion Zum
Daikun). The majority view is Radish, so that convention is used here.]

Safely in space, the Ahgama approaches the space shuttle Temptation,
commanded by Bright Noah. A new variable Mobile Armor, the Messala (PMX-
000), comes at them at high speed. Quattro and Camille go out to intercept
it and Quattro fires on it with a Mega Bazooka, but the Messala is too fast
for him and gets away.

Camille has a Newtype reaction to Messala pilot Paptimus Scirocco during
this encounter.

The refugees from the Temptation are welcomed aboard the Ahgama. Among them
is Fa, whose parents were arrested by the Titans after Camille's escape
from Side 7.

Episode 11: "Plunge Into Atmosphere"

Bright Noah, who commanded White Base during the One Year War, is appointed
Captain of the Ahgama for the invasion of Jabrow.

Paptimus Scirocco, pilot of the Messala, leads a surprise counterattack.
Emma turns back to defend the Ahgama. The increased mobility of the booster
packs developed for the Mark-II helps Emma's Rick Dias repel the assault

Scirocco is not used to fighting this deep in the gravity well and is
forced to pull out, but the Alexandria launches reinforcements.

Emma's Rick Dias is damaged enough to prevent safe re-entry, so she
reboards the Ahgama while the rest of the AEUGO Mobile Suits begin their
atmospheric descent.

Corcoran pursues the AEUGO force in his Marasai, but a ballute failure
sends him plummeting out of control to a fiery death.

Episode 12: "Winds Of Jabrow"

The Titans are waiting for the AEUGO invaders and the two forces meet hea
-on in the sky and jungle around Jabrow. The inhabitants of the area feel
betrayed by the EUG, which has let them be caught in the middle rather than
compromise the trap, and greet the AEUGO forces as liberators.

The EUG has already moved most of its major equipment out of Jabrow and set
a nuclear time-bomb in the central core. Camille's Mark-II defeats Jared's
Marasai and, alerted by a Newtype premonition, he rescues Reccoa and Kai.

The inhabitants of Jabrow are packed into a Garuda giant transport plane,
which takes off under fire from Titan ground forces ringing the area. The
Garuda gets clear just as the entire Jabrow complex goes up in a nuclear
fireball. It is joined in flight by the Audomura, which is flown by Hyato
Kobayashi, former pilot of the Guntank (RX-75) during the One Year War.

Episode 13: "Shuttle Launch"

Amuro Rei is under house arrest at a great mansion in Cheyenne, Wyoming,
when he is visited by former White Base crewmember Frau Bau -- now married
to Hyato Kobayashi -- who is on her way to Japan with her adopted children
Katsu, Retsu and Kicka. Katsu is contemptuous of Amuro's pacifist refusal
to take part in EUG space operations.

Quattro and Hyato prepare to transport the AEUGO forces back to the Ahgama
from Kennedy Space Center. Kai leaves a note for Hyato stating his
certainty that Quattro is really Char Aznable. When Hyato confronts Quattro
with the note, he denies it. Camille challenges the denial, but Quattro
calmly replies "I am Quattro NOW."

Appori commands one of the shuttles. Just before launch, Braun Burtark
attacks the Space Center in the Titan variable Mobile Armor Asshimar (NRX-
004), destroying one shuttle. The AEUGO forces counterattack, but Roberto's
Rick Dias takes a fatal hit defending Appori's shuttle from Braun's last-
ditch assault. The Asshimar breaks off the attack and retreats as Appori's
shuttle lifts off.

Episode 14: "Amuro Again"

Still under surveillance, Amuro goes to the airport to see the Kobayashis
off. He and and Katsu hijack the airliner and divert it to rendezvous with
the giant transport plane Audomura.

Rosamia Vadam, an enhanced Newtype produced by Augusta Laboratory, attacks
Audomura in the new variable Mobile Suit Gaplant (ORX-005). Camille is
appalled at the power of the Gaplant -- it takes the combined power of the
Mark-II and the Type-100 to defeat it.

Braun, angered by Rosamia's failure, attacks Audomura in the Asshimar.
Camille and Quattro again combine forces to repel the attack. Even so,
Braun is about to smash the bridge of the Audomura when Amuro and Katsu
arrive. The passengers have been let off en route, so they are free to ram
the Asshimar with the hijacked airliner. Katsu flies to safety using a
"Homo Avis" (jet-propelled strap-on wings) while Amuro is rescued from the
falling plane by Camille. He then comes face to face with his former enemy
in the One Year War, Char Aznable.

Episode 15: "Katsu's Sortie"

Amuro Rei is under house arrest at a great mansion in Cheyenne. Amuro has
lost much of his fighting spirit during his seclusion. This angers Katsu,
who has looked up to Amuro as a hero.

Beltorchika Irma, emissary from the association of former White Base
crewmembers who support AEUGO called "Kalaba" arrives in a replica biplane.
She tells Quattro that the Kalaba can get three of the earthbound AEUGO
Mobile Suits back into space to rendezvous with the Ahgama. She is anything
but shy and openly displays an amorous interest in Amuro.

[NOTE: "Kalaba" may be a Japanese contraction of "Collaborator" and thus
indicate anyone who aids and abets AEUGO or otherwise works against EUG.]

Rosamia attacks Audomura in the Gaplant again in an effort to regain
Braun's favor. Katsu goes out in the Mark-II in order to shame Amuro into
fighting. Rosamia almost kills the boy before Camille, in the Rick Dias,
and Quattro, in the Type-100, fly to his rescue.

Irma is something more than sympathetic as Amuro berates himself for his
own inability to do battle.

Katsu redeems himself for creating the current crisis by defeating the
Gaplant with a surge of Newtype power. Hyato is angered by his son's
actions but grudgingly forgives him as Audomura changes course for the
Kalaba base at Hickory.

Episode 16: "Through The White Mist"

The Audomura is en route to Hickory by way of the Kalaba launch site where
Camille, Quattro and Katsu wll make their way back to the Ahgama.

Amuro has been given the Rick Dias. Irma talks to him, trying to rekindle
his fighting spirit and maybe spark a little romance. Quattro also takes
him aside, to allay their mutual guilt over the death of Larar Sun, who
sacrificed herself to keep them from killing each other during the One Year

Irma takes off in her biplane to direct the Mobile Suits to the launch site.
As they reach the site, Braun leads a squad of Hizacks against the Audomura.
Amuro has a change of heart and attacks Braun's Asshimar.

Camille gives Katsu a gun with instructions to get Quattro on the shuttle
and keep him there, then takes off to assist Amuro in the Mark-II. Camille
and Amuro keep the Titan forces at bay while the shuttle lifts off. The
battle ends when they team up to catch the Asshimar in their crossfire.

Episode 17: "Hong Kong City"

The Audomura heads for New Guinea to capture another shuttle so Camille can
return to the Ahgama. Kai has contacts with the Luio Company in Hong Kong
that will get them the weapons they need for this mission. Braun's personal
aide Ben Wooda assumes command of the Titan Garuda superplane and continues
the pursuit.

Murasame Psychic Institute sends the experimental Psyco Gundam (MRX-009)
and crew to replace the Asshimar. Wooda is not pleased to learn that both
new crewmembers are women -- the "synthetic" Newtype Four Murasame and her
mentor Namikar Cornell.

Amuro and Irma check out the Luio Company, where Amuro spots Mirai Noah
(nee Yashima), who piloted White Base during the One Year War. She is now
married to Bright Noah and is trying to get on a shuttle flight to a space
colony with their two children, Hathaway and Charmaine.

Amuro tries to speed things up and is set upon by company goons, attracting
the attention of Stephanie Luio. Irma, Mirai and the kids get away while
the guards pile into Amuro, getting to the street just in time to witness
the arrival of Psyco Gundam.

The new Psyco Gundam is huge -- twice as tall as the Mark-II in which
Camille flies out to do battle -- and powered entirely by Four's Newtype
psychic energy. Camille, Amuro and Mirai all feel its powerful aura. The
monster Psyco Gundam batters the Mark-II across Hong Kong until Camille
uses his own Newtype power to break Four's concentration.

Stephanie seems quite taken with Amuro as she agrees to give them the
weapons they need for their raid on New Guinea.

Episode 18: "Captive Mirai"

Four sneaks off the Garuda to track down the (to her) unknown pilot of the
Mark-II who touched her mind so deeply.

Amuro escorts Mirai and the children aboard a cruise ship that will take
them to relative safety until the Kalaba can find a way to reunite them
with Bright on the Ahgama. Four comes ashore near the marina and notices
Camille waiting for Amuro. After hearing Amuro's name called, she hitches a
ride with Camille to get a line on the Mark-II pilot.

Mirai and the children are kidnaped while Camille and Four are driving
around Hong Kong. The Titans will release them for the surrender of the
Audomura, but Amuro trades himself instead.

Camille goes to the rescue in the Mark-II, surprising the submerged Marine
Hizack (MS-06M) ambushers by coming in underwater himself.

Episode 19: "Cinderella Four"

The mayor of Hong Kong, caught between the two warring powers, orders the
Audomura to leave before the city loses its neutrality.

Camille sneaks away to look for Four, who now carries a Titan homing device.
Camille and Four are attracted by their Newtype affinity. Four has no
memory of her life before the enhancement treatment at the Institute, where
she was the fourth subject: Murasame #4 (MRX-004).

Wooda attacks Hong Kong in Psyco Gundam, but lacks the Newtype power to
control it properly. Amuro takes the Mark-II against it, but Psyco Gundam
simply can't be stopped with physical force. Four is attuned to Psyco
Gundam and uses her power to regain control of it while Amuro picks up

As Camille drops Amuro off and takes over the Mark-II, Four realizes that
he is the Enemy she's been seeking. She is confused by her affinity with
Camille, which she tries to reject, and memories of her former life, which
return in painful flashes.

Camille tries to talk her out of it, but Four is maddened by her inner
conflicts and attacks with increasing savagery until Amuro gets Camille to
retreat. The battle ends in a draw.

The Audomura leaves Hong Kong to prevent any more attacks on the city.

Episode 20: "Fiery Escape"

Camille sulks over the loss of Four, refusing to get out of bed. Amuro
understands his feelings, having still not come to terms with his own
feelings about Char.

The Garuda continues to pursue the Audomura. Hyato gets word from Hong Kong
that the Ahgama will soon be in range for another shuttle rendezvous as
Four leads a squad of Hizacks against the Audomura.

Amuro goes out to meet them in the Rick Dias, followed by Camille in the
Mark-II. Four, determined to make up for past defeats, orders the Hizack
squad to stay back while she flies in close to destroy the Audomura. Hyato
responds by launching the new Nemo (MSA-003).

Camille holds back until Four captures Amuro's Rick Dias, his attack
coinciding with another flashback. The battle rages across the North
Pacific, until Camille and Four confront each other mentally as well as
physically. Through their psychic bond, Four learns of the death of
Camille's mother and he feels her longing for the freedom of space.

Wooda orders all noncombatants off the Garuda as he prepares to ram the
Audomura, but Four rams the Garuda with Psyco Gundam first. She tears a
rocket booster loose before being shot down by Wooda. Amuro convinces
Camille to use the rocket booster to return to the Ahgama, then rams the
Garuda with his flying sled, which crashes through the fuel cells and blows
the superplane to atoms as Amuro flies to safety.

Camille thinks of Four as he returns to the Ahgama, where Fa is now with

Episode 21: "Zeta's Heartbeat"

The Titans launch "Operation Apollo" to take control of Von Braun City on
the far side of the Moon. Scirocco gives Jamitov a loyalty oath sealed in
blood and is appointed commander of the battleship Dogoth Gear.

Jared and Moira Pharaoh, the Titan pilot who saved Jared's life in the
AEUGO attack on Jabrow, are also placed under Scirocco's command and given
the new Gabthley (RX-110). Jared is quite pleased with them after a test
run against the Messala. Scirocco plans to control the Earth sector when
the war is over and recruits Jared and Moira to this end.

Emma worries about Camille as the Ahgama approaches Side 2. Both are nearly
killed when the Ahgama is attacked by the Gabthleys. Emma's Rick Dias is
destroyed as she ejects and Camille is forced to abandon the crippled Mark-
II. Fa rescues them as the Gabthleys are caught in the crossfire of Z-
Gundam (MSZ-006) and the Ahgama's Mega Particle Cannon.

Episode 22: "Scirocco's Vision"

Scirocco is given twin Newtype cadets, Sara and Sidra Zabiarov, and sends
them on a training flight with Jared's Marasai squad.

Camille checks out Z-Gundam and learns that Fa is now an AEUGO sergeant and
Mobile Suit pilot. Henken sends Reccoa to the Ahgama with two new weapons,
the Methuss (MSA-005) and the G-Defenser spaceplane, and a present for Emma.
Camille mopes over Four while talking to Fa.

Jared and the Titan cadets intercept the Methuss and G-Defenser near Side 2.
Camille sees this in a Newtype vision and takes off in Z-Gundam followed by
Emma in the Mark-II and Fa in the Rick Dias.

Jared realizes that Camille is flying the new Mobile Suit and leaves his
trainees to go after him. Sara cripples Fa's Rick Dias, but Sidra is killed
by Camille and Jared is forced to retreat as his cadets begin to panic.

Scirocco is disappointed, but not overly concerned, by the loss of Theodora.
He's impressed by Sara's potential and goes out of his way to charm her,
taking advantage of her obvious crush on him.

Fa is reprimanded for taking the Rick Dias out without authorization.
Reccoa thanks Camille for his help and delivers Henken's belated gift to

Episode 23: "Moon Attack"

The Titans begin Operation Apollo to take control of Von Braun City.
Quattro, Henken and Katsu leave the city in a space cruiser to prepare for
the expected attack. Scirocco gives his troops their final mission briefing
and leads the fleet from the Dogoth Gear.

Quattro in the Type-100 and Camille in Z-Gundam engage the Titan Mobile
Suits near the lunar surface while the Ahgama is attacked by the Titan
fleet. Fa reluctantly enters the battle and Camille backs her up. Quattro's
damaged Type-100 almost destroys Jared's Gabthley, but Moira rescues him.

Scirocco very selectively launches his troops as the Dogoth Gear descends
unopposed toward Von Braun City, having diverted the defenders away from
his true target: the spaceport. Later, Scirocco is reprimanded by Jamaican
for his unorthodox tactics, even though they were totally successful.
Scirocco's apology is sincere on the surface, but he clearly won't forget
this incident.

Fa is ashamed of her panic during the battle, all the more so because
everyone insists on crediting it to her youth and inexperience.

Episode 24: "Counterstroke"

The Ahgama stops to replenish its supplies at Granada Moon Base and review
AEUGO'S defeat at Von Braun City. Quattro and Blex attend an EUG
Deliberative Assembly -- Blex is a high-ranking Assemblyman.

Camille goes on a scouting mission to Von Braun City by way of Erica
spaceport. Katsu wants to go with him, but is told to stay behind.

Jared and Moira spot Camille exploring the city and capture him. Jared
wants to kill Camille on the spot, but Moira stops him -- the pilot of Z-
Gundam is too valuable to be killed on a whim.

Camille is rescued by Katsu, who has disobeyed orders and followed him.

Quattro finds Blex fatally wounded in his hotel room. Before he dies, Blex
gives Quattro full authority to represent AEUGO at the next Assembly.

Scirocco launches another attack on the Ahgama. Appori, Emma and Fa respond
in the Rick Dias, Mark II and Methuss.

Camille has a Newtype vision of Fa in battle. He drags Katsu to a shelter
as the conflict threatens to breach the city's dome, where they meet Jared
and Moira in similar straits.

Reccoa takes off in Z-Gundam to find Camille, who senses her approach and
goes out to meet her. The Von Braun shelterees blame the Titans for the
current crisis and prevent Jared and Moira from pursuing.

Camille takes Z-Gundam against the Messala, now piloted by Yazan Gerber.
The Titans retreat, promising vengeance against the people of Von Braun

Katsu is recognized for heroism while Fa mourns the death of Blex.

Episode 25: "Colony Fall Day"

A Hizack approaches the Ahgama under a flag of truce. Scirocco, humiliated
by Jamaican's reprimand, has sent Sara to betray Jamaican's plan to push
the deserted Side 4 out of its orbit and crash it into Von Braun City.
Camille learns that Scirocco has been behind all the recent attacks.

Sara is put under house-arrest and held hostage in the event that this is a
trap. The Ahgama and Radish set out to intercept the falling space colony
while Won Lee warns the mayor of Von Braun City -- the Titans are the real

Sara plays on Katsu's trust to recover her Hizack and escape. Emma
activates one of Side 4's attitude jets, which alters the space colony's
trajectory enough to miss Von Braun City.

Episode 26: "Zion's Ghost"

Aboard the Alexandria, Yazan argues with Jamaican about their next move.
They agree that Yazan will take the Gaplant and lead a squad of Hizacks
against Ahgama.

Aboard the Radish, Henken talks with Emma about the progress of the G-
Defenser test. He is reluctant to let her go back to the Ahgama.

Aboard the Ahgama, Bright is preparing for another Titan attack. Katsu
talks to Emma about becoming a Mobile Suit pilot. Yazan attacks and Emma in
the Mark-II leads a squad of Nemos to defend the ship.

Against orders, Katsu takes off in the G-Defenser to help Emma against
Yazan, but ends up distracting her at a critical moment instead.

Camille senses the battle and, after an argument with Bright (who is again
reminded of his old friend Amuro), gets Z-Gundam ready to launch.

The Mark-II and G-Defenser link up to form Super Gundam.

Katsu is almost killed by a Hizack and ejects, taking refuge in the
derelect Zion Gwajin-type battleship, abandoned during the One Year War and
now adrift in the middle of the new battle zone. Emma finds Katsu in the
wreckage just as the Hizack finds her.

Meanwhile, Z-Gundam and the Gaplant have used up all their ammunition and
now duel with energy swords. Emma and Katsu are captured by the Hizack as
Camille ambushes Yazan in another part of the ship.

The crossfire between the Alexandria and Ahgama gets intense and a stray
shot destroys the Hizack. Katsu reactivates one of the Gwajin's "antique"
Gelgoog (MS-14) to help Camille, who appears to be losing to Yazan.

The Gaplant appears to retreat with Z-Gundam and Super Gundam in hot
pursuit, but it's all part of Yazan's plan. He sets Jamaican up to take a
direct hit on the Alexandria's bridge from a blast aimed at his Gaplant.

After the battle, Bright plans to use an old Zion base against the Titans
as Katsu is officially made pilot of the G-Defenser.

Episode 27: "Char's Return"

The Ahgama and Radish proceed to geosynchronous orbit to rendezvous with
Quattro. Camille and Fa argue over her status as a Mobile Suit pilot and
Appori kids Camille about the boy's apparent lack of skill with women.

Bright and Henken make plans for Reccoa to infiltrate Jupiteris.

Aboard the Dogoth Gear, Yazan and Jared get into an argument that disrupts
the Mobile Suit launch bay. Moira takes Jared aside and cautions him on the
danger of crossing Yazan -- look what happened to Jamaican. She reminds him
of Scirocco's plan and their part in it.

The Ahgama descends toward the atmosphere as the Audomura ascends toward
space -- Quattro will fly a shuttle between them. Titan Mobile Suits, led
by Yazan's Gaplant, attack as the shuttle comes in range. Emma leads a
counterforce in the Mark-II, but Bright is still forced to move the Ahgama
ahead of schedule.

Jared and Moira lead a squad of Hizacks in their Gabthleys. Sara is in a
Hizack armed with a Mega Bazooka, Moira has the booster pack for it. Sara
is so intent on destroying Z-Gundam that she unconsciously broadcasts her
intentions in a wave of Newtype energy. Katsu and Emma respond, forming
Super Gundam and sending a warning to Camille, who's attention is being
distracted by Jared until Sara is ready to fire.

Camille disrupts Sara's concentration with the same Newtype mental contact
he used on Four in Psyco Gundam. Sara's shot goes wild, destroying
Quattro's shuttle. The crew compartment is intact, however, and the Ahgama
picks it up as the Titans retreat.

Sara, like Four, is both disturbed and intrigued by the intimate contact
with Camille, who is now trying to make up with Fa.

Quattro brings Bright a message from Mirai and the children, relayed to him
by Hyato aboard the Audomura.

Episode 28: "Jupiteris Infiltration"

Quattro, Bright and Henken discuss their campaign on Earth and the need for
information on the Titan's new variable Mobile Suits. Reccoa will fly an
old Gelgoog salvaged from the derelict EUG ship Republic to the Jupiteris,
where she will present herself as a stateless refugee survivor of a deep-
space accident.

Camille fears for Reccoa's safety after the Jabrow fiasco, but Fa defends
her -- Reccoa knows what she's doing. Later, Reccoa admits to Fa that part
of the reason she's taking the mission is to regain her confidence. Fa
becomes jealous when Camille goes out in Z-Gundam to fly escort for Reccoa.

Aboard the Dogoth Gear, Scirocco continues to charm Sara as her training
nears completion. The Titans track Reccoa's approach and Sara goes out in
the Messala.

Camille watches from an asteroid as Reccoa enters the Jupiteris, where her
cover story is accepted.

Scirocco visits the Jupiteris on an inspection tour. Sara discovers Z-
Gundam at the same time that Scirocco discovers Reccoa. As Sara closes in
on Camille, she is attacked in turn by Fa, who has followed Camille in the
Methuss. Reccoa escapes as the Messala is damaged and forced to retreat,
but the Methuss is crippled and has to ride back to the Ahgama on the back
of Z-Gundam in its Wave Rider mode.

Aboard the Ahgama, Reccoa sketches the Mobile Suits she saw on the
Jupiteris for Bright, but is unable to get the handsome and charismatic
Scirocco off her mind.

Episode 29: "Side Two Crisis"

Radish orbits the Moon over Von Braun City as Ahgama goes on alone to Side
2, where a minor revolt is in progress and a Titan raid is expected at any
time. Quattro takes the Type-100 to Von Braun City to brief AEUGO's backers
on his mission to Earth. Bright gets word that the Alexandria carries the
same G-3 nerve gas used on Bunch 30.

Camille is teased for hanging around waiting for Reccoa and goes to see Fa,
who has been given charge of the refugee children Shinta and Qum now that
Reccoa has returned.

Jared briefs his troops on their mission at Bunch 25 (Side 2) -- they will
indeed be using G-3.

The mayor of Bunch 25 is having second thoughts now that the Titan force is
known to be on the way.

The Alexandria approaches the colony disguised as an asteroid. The Ahgama
opens fire on it and launches Camille in Z-Gundam and Reccoa in the Methuss
as the Titan Hizacks attach the G-3 canister to Bunch 25's hull. Jared's
Gabthley goes after Z-Gundam, taking the battle into the colony.

Katsu, in a Nemo, prevents Moira's Gabthley from destroying Z-Gundam.
Reccoa destroys the G-3 canister and the Titan forces withdraw.

The Ahgama docks with the colony and Bright lectures the mayor on the
futility of trying to deal with the Titans.

Episode 30: "Jared Suicide Attack"

Quattro and Won Lee wait at Von Braun City to discuss using the former Zion
stronghold as a central base for AEUGO with Melanie Hugh Carbine.

Yazan leads a Mobile Suit strike force against the Ahgama and Z-Gundam.
Moira counsels Jared to curb his obsession with vengeance -- against Yazan
as well as Camille.

Bright reprimands Camille and Fa for letting the children get into the
Mobile Suit launch bay.

Jared and Moira wait in ambush in the remains of a derelict colony while
Yazan and the rest of the Titan force herds the Ahgama their way. A Titan
fleet is detected by the Ahgama's radar just as it launches its own Mobile
Suit force and both the Ahgama and the Radish retreat toward the abandoned

Camille and Fa turn back to defend the ships while Emma and Appori lead the
AEUGO counterforce against Yazan. Jared and Moira spring their trap,
focusing on the Ahgama.

Z-Gundam squares off against Jared's Gabthley while Fa's Mark-II keeps
Moira's Gabthley at bay. Camille retreats into the colony to draw Jared
away from the Ahgama.

Fa sees Haro floating near a breach in the Ahgama's hull and goes after it
to make sure the children are okay. Camille goes to help her and almost
gets her killed by Jared and Moira. As Fa is wounded by their crossfire,
Camille's Newtype power explodes in a burst of rage, destroying half the
Titan Mobile Suits.

A mental warning from Emma saves Camille from Jared's Mega Cannon. Camille
counters with the Mega Bazooka, but Moira shields Jared with her Gabthley,
taking the full force of the blast herself. Jared attacks the Ahgama in a
mindless rage, only to have his Gabthley shot to pieces by Emma.

Yazan accepts that the plan has failed and retreats. Jared sees an
apparition of Moira as his drifts into deep space in his wrecked Gabthley.

Bright thanks Emma for saving the Ahgama, but she credits Camille. Fa is
recognized for her devotion to the children.

Episode 31: "Half-Moon Love"

The Ahgama returns to Von Braun City for repairs and supplies. Shinta and
Qum sneak off while Fa talks to Appori and tell Torres they're going

Sara leads Hambrabi (RX-139) squad to the edge of Von Braun and infiltrates
the city alone carrying a time bomb.

Fa goes to Camille's cabin, frantic because she can't find the children.
Camille goes with her to look for them as Sara searches for Gate 5, her
target. She feels a flash of Newtype power and recognizes Camille, taking
cover in a dress shop.

Later, as Sara recalls their last encounter, Camille feels the same New
Type tremor, which reminds him of Four Murasame. He and Fa split up to
widen the search as Sara knocks out a guard and plants the bomb.

Camille has visions of Four that lead him right to the fleeing Sara, whom
he quickly captures. Sara feeds him a line about wanting to defect. Camille
agrees to discuss it over ice cream. Fa confronts Camille at the ice cream
stand, demanding they return to the Ahgama immediately. Camille tells her
he can't go back just yet and to relay this to Bright, then returns to Sara.
They enjoy the ice cream and a walk in the park until Sara breaks down and
tells him about the bomb.

Camille calls Fa on a nearby PA system and, while Fa goes to warn Bright
and the Ahgama, he and Sara go to disarm the bomb.

The Ahgama is moments from launching when Camille gets to the bomb, then
loses it down the ventilation shaft. Sara tries to run, but Camille decks
her and carries her into the now-deserted park -- everyone else has
evacuated. Appori picks them up in the Rick Dias and joins the Ahgama, as
the bomb destroys the spaceport and Sara's Hambrabi squad attacks. Fa is
still worrying about the children as she launches in the Methuss, along
with Appori in the Rick Dias and Camille in Z-Gundam.

Sara's restraints fail when the Ahgama takes a hit and she escapes with
just her space suit and jetpack. Fa sees her escaping and blames her for
the children's disappearance.

As Sara is picked up by one of her Hambrabis, she psychically taunts
Camille -- the ice cream was delicious. Camille curses his stupidity and
tries vainly to shoot them down.

Back on the Ahgama, Fa finds the children playing in the shower, but is too
relieved to be angry.

Episode 32: "Mystery Mobile Suits"

As repairs proceed aboard the Ahgama, Won Lee orders an AEUGO offensive
against the Titans. Bright worries that such an action might provoke the
hitherto-neutral Axis to takes sides against them.

Camille frets because Fa spends all her time with the children. Won Lee
finds him moping in the corridor and puts him to work prepping Z-Gundam for
battle. In the mess hall, Reccoa can't eat and rebuffs both Quattro and

Aboard the Dogoth Gear, Scirocco warns Sara to watch herself around Yazan,
who seems to be everywhere these days.

After consulting with Quattro, Bright agrees to attack the Dogoth Gear.
Quattro plans a sniper attack using the Type-100 and Mega Bazooka, but
Reccoa will have to set up the shot for him and provide additional power
from her Gelgoog's batteries.

Scirocco gives Yazan a Hambrabi as they join forces, but Sara worries about
this uneasy alliance.

Camille leads a head-on assault against the Dogoth Gear while Quattro and
Reccoa snipe from the rear. Yazan launches just before Quattro's first shot
destroys the launch ramp.

Reccoa senses Scirocco's presence and flies off toward the Dogoth Gear to
join him. Yazan closes with Camille, his Hambrabi mauling Z-Gundam. Reccoa
intervenes, almost taking a shot meant for Yazan, and Scirocco recognizes
her Gelgoog from the Jupiteris encounter. Camille and Reccoa are forced
back by Yazan, who destroys Reccoa's Gelgoog.

Camille picks Reccoa up as she ejects, but Z-Gundam is defenseless. As
Yazan closes in for the kill, a hundred Gaza-Cs (AMX-003) appear and drive
the Titans off. They surround both the Dogoth Gear and the Ahgama, which
call a truce until the mystery Suits are dealt with. Scirocco is
unconcerned -- he recognizes the newcomers and shares their ambitions.

Aboard the Ahgama, Reccoa and Camille call it even on saving one another's
lives. Quattro also recognizes the Gaza-Cs and is not so self-assured.

Episode 33: "Axis Messenger"

Won Lee leads Bright, Quattro, Reccoa and Camille from Ahgama to the Axis
flagship Gwadan. Camille and Quattro register a powerful Newtype presence
as they near the ship.

The AEUGO delegation is met by Haman Khan and two guards in Zion uniforms
and conducted to an audience chamber decorated with Zion imperial emblems.

A little girl occupies the throne: Minerva Zabi, last of the dynasty that
ruled Zion during the One Year War. She recognizes Quattro as her father's
friend, Char Aznable, exposing his identity. She dreams of restoring the
Zion Empire under the Zabi rule. Quattro tells her this isn't possible,
that Haman has been deceiving her with false hopes.

Haman has the entire delegation arrested and put in the brig. Won Lee's
fury over Quattro's deception prompts Quattro to stage a fight with Camille
to distract the guard. The party escapes, but Quattro goes off on his own
to find Haman. Bright sends Camille and Reccoa after him.

Minerva is upset by Quattro's accusations, which Haman counters by
denouncing Quattro as a traitor. Camille and Reccoa intervene and a gun
fight ensues. Reccoa takes a shot meant for Quattro. The three AEUGO
delegates manage to escape in Zion spacesuits, rescue the others from the
brig and get them safely to their shuttle in the launch bay.

The bridge crew of the Ahgama, unsure of what has happened, launch
inflatable facsimile asteroids to confuse the Gwadan's radar and hide both
the escaping shuttle and the Ahgama itself.

Camille in Z-Gundam, Reccoa in the Methuss and Quattro in the Type-100
launch to cover the Ahgama's escape, just as Yazan attacks with a full
squadron of Hambrabis.

Z-Gundam is caught by a triad of Hambrabis using electrified snare lines,
but is rescued by Reccoa. Reccoa is then distracted by a Newtype flash of
Scirocco and almost gets killed by Yazan. She is saved by a squad of Nemos
led by Emma in the Mark-II and Katsu in the G-Defenser. Badly damaged, they
all return to the Ahgama.

Aboard the Gwadan, Scirocco swears allegiance to Minerva and the Zabi

Fa and Camille have a happy reunion aboard Ahgama while Quattro broods over

Episode 34: "Space Call"

On the Radish, Emma makes a date with Henken. In the Ahgama Mobile Suit
launch bay, Camille asks Quattro how Reccoa is doing. This surprises Torres,
who laughs at the idea of Quattro and Reccoa as an item. Camille asks Fa to
check up on Reccoa for him. Fa and Reccoa talk -- Reccoa recalls her youth
fighting the EUG and the death of her first love.

Aboard the Dogoth Gear, Yazan is unhappy with the alliance with Axis and
leads another attack of his own against the Ahgama, deploying inflatable
"dummy" Marasai to confuse the AEUGO forces.

Camille in Z-Gundam, Quattro in the Type-100, Emma in the Mark-II and
Reccoa in the Methuss launch to defend the Ahgama. Reccoa is still hampered
by her injured arm and is quickly ambushed. Quattro saves her, but is
called off with Camille to counter what appears to be another squad of
Mobile Suits. Reccoa is still in a daze, but Camille snaps her out of it.

Aboard the Ahgama, Bright appraises the situation and countermands Won
Lee's orders as Reccoa and Camille discover the Titan trick. Reccoa and
Yazan experience a Newtype reaction as he destroys her Methuss. She ejects,
allowing herself to be captured by Yazan and taken to Scirocco.

As the Ahgama docks with the maintenance ship La Vie en Rose, Reccoa is
presumed dead and Camille is furious with Quattro for allowing her to fight
before she had fully recovered from her wounds.

Episode 35: "Storm Over Kilimanjaro"

The Radish leaves the Ahgama with La Vie en Rose. Petty quarrels ensue
aboard Ahgama: Shinta and Qum break Haro, Camille is too busy writing
reports for Bright to be bothered fixing it at first and snubs Quattro on
his way to repair it later, Fa is upset with Camille for his childish
actions toward Quattro since Reccoa's loss.

Quattro and Bright meet to discuss an assault on the new Titan base atop
Kilimanjaro. The Kalaba will attack it with Dijeh (MSK-008) and Dodai Sub
Flight Units (flying sleds) while the Ahgama supplies orbital and aerial
reconnaissance and high-altitude air support.

As the Ahgama departs, Won Lee stays behind at La Vie en Rose. During the
mission briefing, Camille interrupts Quattro with an angry outburst about
Reccoa. Fa shuts him up, prompting him to walk out. Alone in the corridor,
he has a vision of Four that mellows him enough to apologize to Fa later.

Near Earth, Yazan attacks the Ahgama with the Barzam (RMS-154) developed at
Kilimanjaro. Yazan cripples Quattro's Type-100, sending it plunging into
the atmosphere, but Camille uses Z-Gundam in Wave Rider mode as a re-entry

Camille and Quattro land near Kilimanjaro, where the Audomura has begun the
assault. Jamitov sends Psyco Gundam out to defend the base. Quattro and
Camille find their way in through a heat exhaust vent under the lake and
encounter intense Newtype power. Four is alive and being "enhanced" with
drugs and shock therapy. Quattro and Camille narrowly escape after a
confrontation with Jamitov and a skirmish with Four in Psyco Gundam.

Episode 36: "Four To Infinity"

In tents set up in the shelter of the Type-100 and Z-Gundam, Quattro and
Amuro plan their next assault on the Kilimanjaro fortress.

Camille and Four are drawn together by their Newtype affinity, which
compels Camille to sneak into the complex in search of her. This time, Four
recognizes him and both are so happy at being reunited that they forget all

Jared, on crutches as he recovers from his injuries, sees them in the
corridor, but can't keep up with them. A frustrating game of tag ensues as
he alternately spots and loses them. Four's memory is unstable and, as
Camille is talking with her in her room, she suffers a paralyzing headache.

Camille gets Four's medicine from the night stand, then helps her to sick
bay when the pain persists. Jared spots them in the corridor again and
follows. Namikar recognizes Camille and tries to sound the alarm, but
Camille smashes the intercom and forces her to help Four. Camille finds
Four's medical profile in the computer and learns that the headaches and
amnesia are side effects of the Newtype enhancement and conditioning

Jared appears and tries to arrest Camille, but is overpowered by Four.
Camille and Four escape with Jared in pursuit as Quattro, in the Type-100
with the Wave Rider as a flying sled, leads an attack squadron of Dijehs
with flying sleds. Jared corners the fugitives on a cliff and is almost
killed when Camille throws him over the edge.

The groundbursts from the battle trigger Four's operant conditioning --
Camille is her sworn enemy! Her enhanced power manifests as she rebuffs
Camille and summons Psyco Gundam. Jared makes it to the Mobile Suit hangar
and commandeers the just-finished Byarlant (RX-160) prototype to go after
Camille as Four boards Psyco Gundam to do the same. Quattro arrives and
drops the Wave Rider, which Camille boards and converts to Z-Gundam.

Meanwhile, Jamitov boards a space shuttle to evacuate Kilimanjaro. Quattro
tries to stop him but is blocked by Four, whose Newtype power is now
fantastically strong. Quattro is rescued by Amuro's Dijeh as the shuttle
launches and the fortress begins to self-destruct.

Four's personality changes again as the base blows up, losing both her
fanatic hatred of Camille and her amplified Newtype powers. She uses the
last of her strength to throw Psyco Gundam between Jared's Byarlant and Z-
Gundam in a replay of Moira's sacrifice. Four is thrown from the wreckage
and Camille goes to her, only to have her die in his arms.

Quattro and Amuro are reminded of the death of Larar Sun, who died trying
to stop their duel and bring them together during the One Year War. They
prop Z-Gundam up between their two Mobile Suits and fly Camille and Four's
body back to the Audomura as the Kilimanjaro fortress crumbles into
smoldering ruin behind them.

Episode 37: "Dakar's Day"

Jared is aboard the Garuda superplane pursuing the Audomura, which is en
route to Dakar to interrupt an Assembly meeting and use its global
broadcast facilities to voice AEUGO and Kalaba grievances. Irma charms her
way past the young Titan pilot Eiji to rendezvous with Quattro, air-lifted
by Amuro's Dijeh and flying sled.

While Irma holds the Assembly at gunpoint, Quattro takes the podium and
reveals his true identity, saying he speaks not as Char Aznable of the Zion
Empire but as the son of Deacon Zion. Zion didn't set out to satisfy
personal ambitions, like the Zabi dynasty that murdered him and stole his
name, but to step into the sky for the true advancement of mankind. "Not to
abandon Earth, as Earth is our mother, we must now go out on our own!"

The broadcast is seen by Eiji, who spots Irma, and by Sayla Maas, the alias
of Char's younger sister Artesia. Eiji and his cohort launch their
Asshimars just as Jared takes off in the Byarlant with a squadron of Custom
Hizacks (RMS-106CS).

During the dogfight over the city, one of the Asshimars is hit and only
Eiji's timely assistance keeps it from crashing in downtown Dakar. Eiji
can't hold it and both are about to crash when Camille rescues them in Z-

Jared attacks viciously, tearing up a downtown city block to get at Z-
Gundam. As he closes in for the kill, he is attacked in turn by Eiji'
Asshimar -- his way of repaying Camille's earlier rescue.

Irma hears the battle raging outside the Assembly and takes a cameraman to
the roof. There they broadcast evidence of Titan ruthlessness as Jared
attacks Eiji's Asshimar.

The Kalaba and AEUGO forces make a safe retreat as the EUG Assembly and the
world at large officially condemn the Titan's actions. Amuro and Quattro
are now truly on the same side.

Episode 38: "Reccoa's Sign"

Jared continues his pursuit of the Audomura. The Titans attack just as
final preparations are underway for Quattro and Camille to launch a two-man
shuttle back to the Ahgama. The blast from the shuttle blows Jared's
Byarlant off its sled, making him an easy target for Amuro's Dijeh.

The waiting Ahgama is also under attack by the Titans, led by Yazan. As the
shuttle nears rendezvous, Shinta and Qum sneak aboard the Methuss and take
off to help them. Bright sends Fa to regain control of the Methuss while
Quattro sets up the Mega Bazooka in the shuttle cargo bay.

Reccoa is aboard the Titan battleship, giving tactical advice. Camille and
Reccoa sense each other's presence and Camille upsets Quattro's aim as
Reccoa warns the Titan captain. Quattro's shot barely misses the Titan ship,
which retreats.

Aboard the Ahgama, Appori mourns a fellow pilot killed by Yazan's Hambrabi.
Bright welcomes Quattro and Camille, who's disturbed by Reccoa's
reappearance as an enemy.

Episode 39: "Lakeside"

The Ahgama returns to Bunch 25 (Side 2) for supplies. Camille and Fa take
the children on a sightseeing excursion of the colony.

The Titans regroup at Grips 2 (Side 7) while Jamitov and Basque plan their
next move against AEUGO with Scirocco.

Rosamia is sent as a spy to Bunch 25. She is drawn to Camille, whom she
insists is her brother, and forces herself on the party, refusing to part
company with him.

During a rustic wagon-ride, Rosamia shows Camille a picture of her family,
from whom she was separated during the One Year War. The boy she identifies
as her brother could easily be mistaken for Camille.

Quattro, patrolling in the Type-100, is attacked by a pair of Custom
Hizacks. Camille senses Quattro's situation and takes everyone on a boat
ride on the lake -- Camille and the children in one boat, Fa and Rosamia in
the other. A stray shot holes the colony and the battle moves inside.

At the lake, Camille and Rosamia trade places and he and Fa row into the
reeds. Rosamia gets Minerva to join her and the children, much to Haman's
dismay. Haman and Camille catch sight of each other as the battle enters
their area.

Another wild shot blows a hole in the "bottom" of the lake, with life-
threatening results for everyone. Haman reclaims Minerva and gets away
while Quattro repairs the hull.

Aboard the Ahgama, Camille introduces Rosamia while Fa looks on with
obvious jealousy for the sexy newcomer's open displays of sisterly

Episode 40: "Grips Debut"

The Ahgama prepares to attack Grips 2 before the Colony Laser can be
deployed. Rosamia, like her predecessor Four, displays wild mood swings and
headaches, behaving childishly much of the time. She especially displays a
childish fear of doctors, which makes Emma suspicious.

At Grips 2, Reccoa is enchanted by Scirocco, who gives her the Messala to
lead a squad of Barzams against the Ahgama.

Camille recognizes the Messala, which was last piloted by Sara. He and Emma
are shocked to learn that it's now piloted by Reccoa, who is unhappy about
changing sides but certain of Scirocco's success.

Z-Gundam pins the Messala against an asteroid and Camille tries to talk to
Reccoa, but she rejects him and escapes.

Basque fires the Colony Laser at Side 2, destroying Bunch 18 the same way
Giren Zabi destroyed the Peace Conference during the One Year War.

Everyone aboard the Ahgama witnesses the destruction and the ship retreats
with morale at an all-time low. Reccoa is disturbed by the senseless deaths
and her part in making them possible as Camille vows to avenge all who have
died at the hands of the Titans.

Episode 41: "The Awakening"

Rosamia refuses to see the doctor until Shinta and Qum convince her by
example that there's nothing to fear.

Aboard the Dogoth Gear, Basque orders Reccoa to prove her new loyalties by
leading an attack on Bunch 21 (Side 2).

Reccoa's Messala and the pair of Hizacks with the G-3 nerve gas bomb are
detected by the colony and intercepted by a squad of Nemos. Camille in Z-
Gundam and Emma in the Mark-II take off to join them, but Quattro stays
behind to keep an eye on Rozamia.

Using the children as a diversion, Rosamia takes a Nemo (which she
derisively calls "A simple machine!") and chases after her "brother" with
Quattro close behind in the Type-100.

Meanwhile, the G-3 is released into Bunch 21 with deadly effect. Camille
senses the deaths of the eight million inhabitants.

Battle is joined. Camille sees Reccoa in the Messala, but is accosted by
Rosamia before he can confront her. Camille and Rosamia enter Bunch 21
through a breach in the hull. Rosamia witnesses the mass murder as Camille
exacts a measure of revenge by blasting the Hizacks. Quattro confronts
Reccoa, but can't bring himself to stop her.

Rosamia, like Four, falls victim to her programming and suddenly sees
Camille as the Enemy. Emma keeps Rosamia from killing Camille, who stops
Emma from killing Rosamia. Reccoa and Rosamia escape, leaving Camille and
Quattro to reflect on the consequences of their actions.

Episode 42: "Goodbye Rosamia"

Threatened by the Colony Laser at Grips 2, the citizens of Granada evacuate
through underground tunnels while the Ahgama and Radish dock with La Vie en
Rose for supplies.

Camille, Emma, Fa and Quattro meet with the doctor, who tells them that
Rosamia is an artificial Newtype. The Titans have given her false memories
in hopes of preventing the personality breakdown that destroyed Four, but
their plan backfired when Camille turned up looking like her fictitious
older brother. The similarity of surnames -- Vidan and Vadam -- may also
have been a factor. In any case, Rosamia is both a powerful and inherently
unstable Newtype.

Aboard the Dogoth Gear, Basque orders a test of the Bound Dock (NRX-055)
with Rosamia as pilot.

AEUGO goes on the offensive to keep the Titans too busy to use their Colony
Laser, attacking a flotilla en route to Bunch 13 (Side 2).

Rosamia attacks Fa's Methuss, but is driven back by Z-Gundam. Rosamia is
torn between her conditioned hatred of Z-Gundam and her implanted love of
her "brother" Camille. As they drift into Bunch 13, he tries to win her
over, citing how much she is missed by her playmates Qum and Shinta.

Meanwhile, Quattro finds a pair of Hizacks attaching a G-3 gas bomb to the
hull and blasts it.

Camille almost wins Rosamia over, but her controllers arrive in a prototype
Bound Dock and activate the psycho-wave amplifier used with Four at
Kilimanjaro. Rosamia tranforms her Bound Dock into its grotesque combat
mode, a mechanical monster four times the size of Z-Gundam, but as before
Camille can't bring himself to kill her.

Quattro fires on the controller's Bound Dock and disables the psycho-wave.
Rosamia loses her fighting spirit and both Bound Docks retreat.

Basque returns to Grips 2 and the deadly Colony Laser.

Episode 43: "Haman's Sneer"

During a lull in the fighting, Camille is summoned from the rec room to the
bridge for an important assignment. He is to carry an offer of alliance to
Axis. Katsu objects openly and is thrown into the brig along with Shinta
and Qum, who joined in his disruption.

Camille flies Z-Gundam under a flag of truce to the Gwadan, where he is
greeted royally by Haman. AEUGO is asking for her assistance in destroying
the Colony Laser that threatens them both.

Haman flies to the Ahgama in her new Qubeley (AMX-004) and agrees to the
alliance on the condition that "Zion" (Side 3) is "restored" under Axis and
that "Char Aznable" acknowledges Minerva (and, by implication, Haman) as
its rightful ruler. Quattro reluctantly agrees.

At Grips 2, Basque is preparing to fire the Colony Laser at Granada.

Fa joins Katsu and the children in the brig to watch over them, which
insults Katsu no end. The Ahgama's Mobile Suits spearhead the assault and,
sensing that the tide is turning against them, Fa and Katsu join them.

The Gwadan fires a broadside that disables the Colony Laser's core pulse
engine, preventing it from rotatating for a clear shot at Granada. Haman
has kept her end of the bargain and saved the day.

The Ahgama links up with the Gwadan for Quattro's promised audience with
Minerva and Haman. "Char Aznable" pledges allegiance to Zion, but "Quattro
Vezina" recalls his repeated disclaimer: "I am QUATTRO now!"

Episode 44: "Zedan's Gate"

Haman requests a meeting with Jamitov on the asteroid fortress Zedan's Gate
(formerly known as A'Bao'A'Qu). The Ahgama follows the Gwadan as a backup.

Aboard the Jupiteris, Scirocco assigns Sara to an attack mission in the new
Bolinoak Samaan (PMX-002) while he and Reccoa go to defend Zedan's Gate.

The Ahgama detects Sara's approaching Mobile Suit and Camille intercepts it
in Z-Gundam. He and Sara battle until he corners her in an abandoned

Meanwhile, Haman meets with Jamitov aboard the battleship Hario. Jamitov
offers an alliance with Zion, but Haman is skeptical. Her suspicion is
justified by an assassination attempt, which she escapes in part because
she expected it.

Jared in the Byarlant leads an attack on the Gwadan and Haman summons the
Ahgama for reinforcements. Camille joins the fight with Sara imprisoned at
his side aboard Z-Gundam. Sara senses Katsu piloting the Methuss. The
battle is violent, with heavy losses on both sides.

Sara and Katsu meet again as she is interned aboard the Ahgama but, even
though they are separated by great distance, Sara is still subject to the
power of Scirocco's will.

Episode 45: "Celestial Body"

Haman declares that Axis will defeat the Titans at Zedan's Gate. Having
seen Axis' superior forces, Jamitov writes the Titan base off and orders
the EUG forces to evacuate. Scirocco sends Reccoa in the Pallas Athene
(PMX-100) to rescue Sara.

Aboard the Ahgama, Katsu watches Sara on the monitor and broods over the
circumstances that have made them enemies. Camille's attempt to set him at
ease only upsets him further.

Reccoa observes from an asteroid as the Ahgama sets up for a barrage of
Zedan's Gate. As the Ahgama Mobile Suits launch their attack, she makes
hers. Camille senses her presence and tries to stop her, but he's too far
away. Even so, he tries to warn her off via their Newtype affinity.

Reccoa's attack allows Sara to escape and get to her Mobile Suit. Katsu
senses her escape and goes after her while Fa battles Reccoa. They end up
grounded near the Titan base, where they talk briefly about Reccoa's

Katsu catches up to Sara, but is attacked by Jared. Appori tries to help
Katsu, but gets between them and is killed.

Appori's death triggers Camille's berserker rage. The overwhelming AEUGO
and Axis forces soon destroy Zedan's Gate, but Jared manages to escape
with Reccoa and Sara.

Episode 46: "Scirocco Steps Forward"

Episode 47: "Universal Maelstrom"

Episode 48: "From Rosamia's Heart"

Episode 49: "Scattered Souls"

Episode 50: "Run Through The Cosmos"

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