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> ZZ Gundam appears to be the only
> show of the entire lot that's universally seen as a loser. Given that there's
> 20 years worth of movies, TV series, and OVAs from different creative teams,
> that's pretty damn good. Amazing, even.


> Really? You liked ZZ Gundam better? Hell, I wasn't going to watch ZZ because
> of all the bad press it's got but if it's better than X, I'll check it out.

ZZ (the ZZ Gundam is the MS, the show's called Gundam ZZ) gets it's bad rep from
the first season, but it becomes much better in the second. And both seasons
feature some of the best BGM and theme songs in the entire saga, not to mention
some excellent character, mecha and costume designs, although Yoshikazu "Yaz"
Yasuhiko still rules in the character design department.

The problem is that the show starts out as self-parody and never quite recovers.
There are some truly funny bits, but not worth what it costs in terms of
credibility to set them up. The only thing I can think of to compare it with is
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier -- long-standing characterizations and
continuity were twisted out of shape just for a cheap laugh. Jude Ashita is
allowed to run roughshod over everyone and everything, trampling a lot of what
had gone before underfoot in the process.

Come second season, ZZ straightens out and flies right, to a kick-ass
confrontation between a now vey serious Jude Ashita and Hamaan Khan that sums up
a lot of what Newtype is all about. But, as good as it gets toward the end,
that first season is almost impossible to get over and even the second season
has scenes, such as the infamous colony drop, that are hard to take. You can
just about mark the transition in tone and style by the change of opening theme
from Anime Ja Nai to Silent Voice -- viva la difference! But we're stuck with
the characters and characterizations that were established in the first half and
it takes some doing (not to mention the deaths and apparent deaths of several
key characters) to transform them into true Gundam heroes.

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