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Not to try and talk you guys into things, but Image is a good place to shop.
They ship really fast, and the owner is a good friend of mine for the past 7
or so years.
Tom used to be really fond of their booths at conventions... especially
their sales people, right Tom?
Gus Jae
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> Hey, I found this MG Sazabi kit online for $120.00. You can purchase this
> kit online, or you can get it in-store (if you live in New York City like
> me!) Here's the link:
> This is a very BIG model (about 2 inches taller than 1/100 RX-78) Just
> picture this, Allen Iversion standing next to Shaq! For $120.00, this is
> definitely a must-buy for hardcore Gundam fans.
> You can find more gundam models at this site, though the prices are
> higher than other local Hobby shops in the NYC area.
> Also, do anyone have suggestions on how to paint my V-Gundam Gun Blastor?
> The green color is just plain nasty! How about paint all the green parts
> white color! then it would look like a descent RX-78. What do you think?
> Laguna Out...
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> >Subject: [gundam] MG sazabi price in Toronto
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> >Ok for those who live in Toronto I got some news for you. I just went by
> >to
> >Pacific mall today and saw the MG sazabi. At first I didn't even look at
> >the price. The sheer size of the box is enough to make you stare and
> >drool.
> >Well... maybe not drool but definitely stare at it. In my head I said
> >baby will probably be around $200 or over. But to my surprise, it was
> >priced for $150. Now it might look pricey at first but if you actually
> >the calculations on HLJ with the conversions and shipping fee it will
> >close to $160. And remember you might have to pay for the customs fee
> >too.
> > Now let's say if you plan on getting this baby at pacific mall what
> >about
> >the taxes?? Well you see you can actually bargain with them. Usually if
> >you pay them in cash they can omit the taxes or at least give you 10%
> >So it's not a bad thing if you think about it. So if any of you plan on
> >getting this baby get it fast because I'm sure it will be gone very soon.
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