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Cookie's Model Review:
Bandai 1/144 HGUC Guntank
Bandai 1/144 Turn A Gundam

Written by: Andy Lee

    Hmm, it seems as if no one bothered to read my Virtual On: Temjin model
review considering I didn't get a single reply for it... the odd thing is
that people wanted me to build that horrid model. In anycase, I shall start
off with the 1/144 HGUC Guntank. What do I say? Unlike most of you
"Oldtypes" I was never fortunate enough to watch the original Gundam series.
I haven't seen anything, and quite frankly... I've only seen Gundam Wing and
Endless Waltz (thank goodness it was 3 years ago, or I'd look like some
newbie). Anyways, these ancient UC mobile suits only are cool to me becuase
they're classics. I've seen pictures here and there, but that's about it...
never in action. Anyways, I had this kit sitting around on the bottom of the
model kit shelf and I decided what the heck. The entire process took me a
good two days. I did a pretty decent weathering job. My only problem was
not with the kit, but with my painting skills. I don't own an airbrush (I
will later...), so I'm stuck to using a paintbrush and toothpick, etc.
Anyways, the base of the model is fairly large, so brushing it didn't look
good. I even bought the flat versions of the colors (Tamiya). It still
turned out crappy, but I did a decent job after about the sixth layer. Waste
of paint if you ask me, but since it was at the underside of the model, I
didn't worry *that* much. Also, is it just me, or is Bandai's scaling a
little off for some things. First is the calibur of his armaments... and the
little pilot. He's *way* smaller than Shiro which is included in 08 MS
Team's EZ8. Oh wellz, it's still a pretty good kit. Now I just haev to
purchase an HGUC Guncannon, and build my RX-78 (FG)... or should I buy an HG
version as well? From the pictures I saw, I originally thought that the tank
treads moved...apparently it's stuck.
Highs: Classic Guntank
Lows: Too plain
Grade: A-
Final Comment: Very well made kit. Sturdy too.

    Now to the Turn A model. What the heck is this? I bought it because I
practically owned all of the Turn A kits, except for this one. They're all
ugly, but I dunno... after looking at them for a while you kinda start to
like the design. Syd did a wacked out job on these. Anyways, this model kit
towered over most of my kits, I don't think Bandai did a bang up job on the
scale. The reason I say this is because... when I stand the Turn A Kapool
next to the Gundam... the size difference is massive, yet they're only 4
meters difference in reality. The Kapool is smaller than the Endless Waltz
1/144 kits as well, even though it shouldn't be that bad. Painting the Turn
A sucked. Of course it's because I had a paintbrush, it sucked painting his
shield... Anytips on a flat finish? What I came up with is to sand the item
after it's done under running water... but that ruins the paintjob... I
dunno. I don't think I can purchase a airbrush at the moment... and I don't
have the experience or time to use one. The kit is sturdy and uses
articulation similar to some action figures I have in the closet. Now does
anyone know where I can get a Turn X for a good price?

Highs: Articulation, innovated design
Lows: Innovated design, my crappy paint-menship.
Grade: B+
Final Comment: I don't think this kit is 100% similar to the anime... It's
the Turn A, you either love it or you hate it.

~Andy Lee

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