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<< Actually, I read on several websites, that the reason for the delayon the
 toycom valks, is that Harmony Gold and Big West are in negotiations to see
 who owns the rights to Macross in the US. Toycom is waiting for the
 to determine who they will pay royalties to. I forget which websites that I
 saw the information on. I think that one of the websites was, you can also try the valkyrie exchange, but I
 have the url on me right now. >>

     Right, everyone's going psycho, Yes, PSYCHO, without knowing the full
details/facts of this matter. I don't have the URL to it at right
now, but in a newsgroup posting by Toycom, they stated that HG IS NOT the bad
guys here. Also, I don't think its even a lawsuit, its just HG and BW
figureing out who has the rights to Macross in the US.

  I am not defending HG, but I am tired of the bias aganist Robotech and HG,
that some people have. Yes, Robotech used Macross footage, but even though
its similar, Robotech IS a DIFFERENT story then Macross is. I think its
amazing that Robotech's story was good, espcailly considering it was made
from footage of three anime's with different stories. Since BW has the rights
to Macross, I think they should have the US rights as well, since using
Macross footage, doesn't mean HG owns the Macross license in the US, unless
HG has an honest claim that is, then its a different story...

  BUT, we do not know the actual specifics of this yet and its folly to jump
to any conclusions. HG may have a legimate claim, as we do not know what BW
and HG agreed when HG got the permission to use the Macross footage. I loved
Robotech and it was what got me interested in anime and Gundam and I am sure
its the same for some other people as well. Robotech was great for its time.

  If someone liked Robotech and didn't realize it uses Macross footage, so
what. Macross is still Macross, no matter what Robotech is. Anime brougt to
the US in the past, has always been edited and butchered, some more then
others. Robotech is always treated as the underdog, but it was ground
breaking for its time, no matter if it uses footage from other series, as the
footage was gotten by permission and wasn't stolen. I think the main problem
is that animation as viewed as kiddie stuff, like video games are/where and
the media and lots of American's are too closed minded to see the fact the
video games and espcially animation, can be made for different types of
people, not just kids only. Anime and animation fan's know that animation can
be made to appeal to several age groups and male and/or female people or
exclusive to one age group and male and/or female people. Can anyone think of
a better term to define anime, one that can describe how varied anime and
manga are?

  Take DBZ for instance, it has a high violence level and instead of leaveing
it alone and putting it on TV at the apporite time, Funimation turns it into
less then what it actually is. Dragon Ball is for little kids and Dragon Ball
Z is for the older set. I wish some respected media news show, would
truthfully and factually, explian to the masses the truth of anime. I have
also noticed that when I was in High School, if you like anime, you are
"werid" or a "geek". To me, it just shows their ignorance about anime and the
Japanese culture, people don't seem to understand that Japanese culture is
different from ours and what's "werid" to us, is natural to them.

  America seems to be an awfully closed minded Nation and this comes from
someone born and raised as an "American"! :) Actually, I feel like a human
being and do not feel "American" at all. What is Ameican anyway? "American"
people are mixture of so many different types of native and foreign blood,
that American actually means you live in America and that being American is
not a race, but its the country you live in.

Sorry for the huge rant. This is basically just a Rumble and is not aimed at
anyone or anything, its just a crazy Rumble! ^_^


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