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Hey screw that, unless HG really ends up screwing the Macross Rights in
North America, we'll be getting Macross: DYRL valkyries (diecast and
metal!) from TOYCOM next year. Apparently about 9" tall, 40% diecast
metal, insanely detailed, and they're _Toys_ meaning you can play with
them, transform them, etc, to your hearts content...
I wonder if I could convince Auden that TOYCOM really wants to bring over
9" diecast and plastic UC Gundams ... mmmm ... Nu Gundam....

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> > And to think they are charging 15,000 yen for something that's smaller > > than the PG Gundam/Zakus... > >'s not that small...28cm compared to about 30cm of PG gundam and > the wings have more plastic.. > > > Eddie > > > > PS Is it just me or is there something wrong when Wing Zero Custom is a > > more popular mecha than the Valkyries?! > > Nope...nothing wrong with that...I still smell PG/MG Valkyries for Macross > 20th anniversary though.. > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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