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On Fri, 28 Jul 2000 16:29:54 -0500 ROBOTICK <> wrote:
>I knew I detected a little bit of Macross in it. I guess you get an eye for
>things like that after you've built the models... I've never heard of
>Orguss, though. Was it released in the US?

Yes, it was, a little over a decade ago. I'm pretty sure it isn't available commercially anymore though unless you luck out and find it in a store somewhere (it's gone out of production). You should still be able to find the sequel to it though, Super Dimensional Century Orguss II, as it was produced by Manga. I have the first tape and the OST (Vol. 1 at least). It's slightly weird, but an interesting series for all that. There are like 8 or so tapes in the series I think. At least, I've only seen up to volume 8.

BTW, as indicated by the pseudo-sequel phrase, it is not a true sequel to Macross. In fact, the only real resemblances between the two are the fact that the Bronco fighters in it look similar to a Valkyrie in gerwalk mode and some of the characters look the same (Mikimoto did at least some of the character designs).


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