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Yet another interpretation. Thanks to Al. I suppose the term "mutts" can
describe Americans in many more ways; architecturally, for example....
<ahem> NOW THEN, back to Gundam.
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> We're mutts. I heard something like that on "The Wonder Years" and it
> enough sense to remember it, because it applies to you as an American
> whether you like it or not, unless you are an immigrant, child of
> of the same nationality, or a Native American, of course. It kind of
> you wonder; in what generation does a mutt become his own breed? Though

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> From: "Lady Rhyaniwyn":
> I don't feel strongly about being American--we're too
> varied. What is an American, anyway?

Well, that's the secret to being American - no true ancient culture to hold
down. Are we really outwardly conservative, like the some of the English
most of Asia? Some of us, maybe. Are we psychos like soccer hooligans or
rugby players? Some of us, maybe. Are we freeform and laidback like a lot
Amsterdam or Greece? Some of us, maybe. We don't have any rigid story to
up. Cultural mutts, for sure. I like it that way. None of that "Oh, we
do that sort of thing is this country," for the most part.


"This is *your* fucking fault, jackass!"

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