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Lady Rhyaniwyn wrote:

> I'm gonna try to address all the replies in this one message...all of you
> said some things I wanted to reply to, so let me thank you.

I feel like responding to some of your responses since waiting for renders to
finish is such slow work.

> I don't actually condemn cultures that are not Asian. I wouldn't have much
> to do (okay, so I don't have much to do...but, still) if I didn't have some
> other interests. My lineage is all English/Native American. As far as I
> know, there's not a speck of Asian blood in me. Using the mutt analogy

I don't condemn other cultures but I'm certainly not against making fun of
them, including my own (if you can call what we got here in Southern California
a culture).

> I love English humor and English understatement. I think Monty Python is
> hilarious, and I love Eddie Izzard (an English comedian). I love Classical

No shit, except for Dennis Miller and Billy Hicks nothing in this country can
really measure up to that kind of higher brow humor.

> On the subject of music, nothing really holds my interest for very long. I
> love the way the Japanese language sounds--I think that might impact why I
> would rather listen to most Japanese pop than American pop. Plus, Jpop
> brings back feelings I experienced watching my favorite anime--that's how I

I don't really go for any "pop" music since it's now so manufactured that any
group of young "artists" can be shoehorned into a group and start selling cds.
Just listen to them live, most can't reproduce what they recorded vocally. I
listen to music more as *music*, which is to say I don't care what the artists
look like or act like. Hard rock and electric blues grabs me the hardest,
although I've grown an appreciation for some techno and rap/hip-hop I suppose.
So long as they know what they're doing I'll give them a chance.

> I believe that I would still like anime were it to become popular. I just
> think that would take some of the fun out of it. Not only do I enjoy anime,
> but it's also like a mystery. In order to learn about it and find out about
> new stuff (since I don't speak Japanese), you have to look.

The whole "alternative" aspect of anime never drove me to like it. I like it
because, for the most part, it's well done and interesting. Star Wars is
popular as shit and I still like it, same with old WB cartoons.

> I also think that I like anime because of its expressiveness as well as the
> way things are expressed. It speaks to me on a different level than
> anything else. And my interest has been far more enduring than normal,

What I like most about anime is that it's simply a story, just like any movie
or TV series, except for the fact that it is hand drawn (or rendered, as the
case may be). Try getting a movie like X or Spriggan made here, with their
whole Disney/family entertainment approach. What a waste.

> say, was something new and fresh to me. American animation had played
> itself out (not that there's much to it in most cases). I haven't seen Iron
> Giant (though I wanted to), but I guess I really missed out...I should look
> into that.

It's good. But it's still a little sappy. Don't extrapolate all American
animation from the lousy pool of recent movies/TV shows that have come out.


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