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>> hell's shorter and smaller than even the GW/EW MS's. Monstrous
>> firepower, yes, but monstrous in itself? nope. besides, even without all
>> the Assault and Buster add-ons, it would still be deadly with those
>> minovski wings. and the speed at which it can go...
>I was referring to power in all cases. If I was talking about size, the
>gundam series would be the most "monsterous." ^_^

ah, in that case, I agree with you. the V2 was one of the most nasty small
MS's, I swear...

>> Hmm...good point there about his fighting abilities. i would say that he
>> is at least in the same league as Anavel Gato in hand to hand combat, but
>> he would have way more to go before he can come up to the top oldtype aces.
>> What he needs is to understand that honorable fighting isn't exactly the
>> way of war in UC...look at Char, that guy fights dirty as hell....
>Too true, however I don't think Zechs is all that hung up on honor, that
was more
>Treize's shtick. Sure he wanted to finish his fight with Heero, but that's
>much different from Amuro and Char in CCA. Zechs became a real dirty
bastard in
>his White fang phase. Look at the clever way in which he used mobile dolls to
>shield himself in combat, or how he tried to trick the G boys into getting
>by barge's cannon. The way he MS-jacked wing zero was pretty sneaky too. I
>think people give zechs enough credit.

I would also have to agree with you on that, but Zechs still isn't as dirty
as Char in that manipulating prepubescent kids and all

>> As for weapons wattage....I have to admit, the ZZ and sentinel MS's are
>> verging on ridiculous...remember the Zeta+? eeek, a super megawatt cannon
>> on the NOSE os the waverider mode....sheesh!
>Yeah, the "extreme mobile suits" are kind of ridiculous, but they can be
fun at
>---Brett Jensen

Specially in my mekton game...those things kicked major ass, from long

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