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Richie Ramos wrote:

> hell's shorter and smaller than even the GW/EW MS's. Monstrous
> firepower, yes, but monstrous in itself? nope. besides, even without all
> the Assault and Buster add-ons, it would still be deadly with those
> minovski wings. and the speed at which it can go...

I was referring to power in all cases. If I was talking about size, the Psycho
gundam series would be the most "monsterous." ^_^

> Hmm...good point there about his fighting abilities. i would say that he
> is at least in the same league as Anavel Gato in hand to hand combat, but
> he would have way more to go before he can come up to the top oldtype aces.
> What he needs is to understand that honorable fighting isn't exactly the
> way of war in UC...look at Char, that guy fights dirty as hell....

Too true, however I don't think Zechs is all that hung up on honor, that was more
Treize's shtick. Sure he wanted to finish his fight with Heero, but that's not
much different from Amuro and Char in CCA. Zechs became a real dirty bastard in
his White fang phase. Look at the clever way in which he used mobile dolls to
shield himself in combat, or how he tried to trick the G boys into getting fried
by barge's cannon. The way he MS-jacked wing zero was pretty sneaky too. I don't
think people give zechs enough credit.

> As for weapons wattage....I have to admit, the ZZ and sentinel MS's are
> verging on ridiculous...remember the Zeta+? eeek, a super megawatt cannon
> on the NOSE os the waverider mode....sheesh!

Yeah, the "extreme mobile suits" are kind of ridiculous, but they can be fun at

---Brett Jensen

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