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> Got this from :
> Gundam Rumor Mill: Sites all across Japan and other sources
> are reporting that the next Perfect Grade will be the Gundam Wing
> Zero Custom! In a recent mecha-popularity poll run by Newtype,
> the most popular Mecha was RX-78, Evangelion ,Zeta Gundam,
> and 4th: Wing Zero Custom. Since the top 3 suits have already
> be given perfect grade treatment, one would only logically assume
> that Bandai would turn its sights on the Wing Zero Custom! As
> soon as we hear the official word from Bandai, we'll post it here!
> Design Sketches of the Wing Zero EndoSkeleton have been released
> in some Hobby Magazines in Japan. As soon as we can find
> some we'll post it here! Source: nosferatuzodd

This would be a first, Bandai to make a MG/PG of something that they already
had a HG of. I have yet to see a MG/PG of something they already had HG of.

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