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> If you are budget-minded, get the HG God Gundam - the 1/100 scale one
> costs only 1,500 yen, while the 1/100 scale Nu Gundam kit goes for
> 2,500 yen. However, although they are in the same scale, the finished
> Nu stands much taller than the God Gundam.
> The Nu Gundam kit also comes with all the nice accessories - beam saber,
> shield, beam rifle, and a bazooka. Not to mention the fin funnels can
> come apart after you take them off the back and each are articulated too.
> The God Gundam comes with beam sabers and a backpack core fighter, and
> that's pretty much it. Another plus of the Nu is that its cockpit hatch
> opens to reveal the pilot inside.
> If your friend is new to model building, the HG God Gundam might be a
> better buy - it's less involved to put together (don't need to commit
> that much time) and you won't feel too bad if something goes wrong
> while putting it together.
> Personally I would get the Nu, but if your friend is new to model
> building or if you can't afford to spend that much, consider the 1/100
> HG God Gundam (the 1/60 scale God Gundam is another story... it's got
> a light-up chest gimmick) instead.
> Eddie
> >Which one would you (yes, you) suggest? The HG God Gundam (kung fu chop
> >action!), or this half crouching Nu business? I'm deciding on what to buy
> >for a friend.
> >

After all that's said and done, why don't just get the 1/100 God Gundam for
your friend and get the 1/60 God Gundam for yourself :)

- Thomas -
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