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Richie Ramos wrote:

> no need for "monsters". Just send a V2 Assaukt/Buster unit after it.

That thing is a monster!

> used correctly, it would, but if up against the ace-to-ace fighting that happens
> a lot in UC, I would give Zechs not much of a chance, even with the Zero system.
> he would probably survive battling all the way up to lowlevel newtypes, but
> against people who are both powerful newtypes and are piloting mecha designed
> for them, he would be in deep doo-doo. He may survive, but he might end up
> like Kamiru...a human vegetable...

I don't know, He's the only Character in Wing who had to actually pilot his MS
(Tallgeese) since it had weaker armor than the Gundams. He was able to survive truly
incredible odds against those alliance guys when he was kicked out of OZ. He got to be so
skilled that the "mere mortal killing" Tallgese felt sluggish to him by the time he
discarded it. He was the first man to mostly overcome the ZERO system's negetive effects.
I think by the time he got Epyon he was at least as good as an Oldtype ace like Anavel
Gato, (but mabey not as good as Johny ridden?)

Your comment about beam saber wattage is something I've considered, myself.

---Brett Jensen

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