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>What series contains the simplest, most unevolved mobile suits? I was thinking about how that would make a great series to go back to the days when mobile suits were just being thought of and appearing. Think of the newspapers. Why was the first mobile suit built? What kind of >weapons did it have? Who built it? Who cares?

If you aren't asking just Gundam, or really giant robots even, then Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01 is about the introduction of powered armor into the military. I believe that Patlabor also had alot about the first introduction of giant robots (Labors) into the world. In most of the other series I've seen, robots and powered armor are already known and viable field machines, introduced into the universe before the series started. Although in Macross, they got their introduction to the populace in the first episode. Before that, their variable abilities were known only to the military and most people thought of the Valkyrie as simply a fighter.

As far as Gundam goes, the original had the simplest ones. And there are numerous flashbacks in other series (and especially on LD extras) about the introduction of mobile suits.


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