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Fri, 28 Jul 2000 09:33:50 EDT

I'm gonna try to address all the replies in this one message...all of you
said some things I wanted to reply to, so let me thank you.

I don't actually condemn cultures that are not Asian. I wouldn't have much
to do (okay, so I don't have much to do...but, still) if I didn't have some
other interests. My lineage is all English/Native American. As far as I
know, there's not a speck of Asian blood in me. Using the mutt analogy
someone mentioned, I'm another hodge-podge mutt. As an American, I assume I
have integrated American culture into myself, I'm just not sure how
definitive that can be; American culture is pretty damn varied. 'Course, so
is any other culture you look at for any length of time.

I love English humor and English understatement. I think Monty Python is
hilarious, and I love Eddie Izzard (an English comedian). I love Classical
and Renaissance art; my favorite architecture is also Classical. I have an
interest in the Manneristic and Baroque (I have to admit that this was
spurred by Shoujo Kakumei Utena, but is intensified by the fact that the
style is the antithesis of my favorite (calm, contained, and balanced)

On the subject of music, nothing really holds my interest for very long. I
love the way the Japanese language sounds--I think that might impact why I
would rather listen to most Japanese pop than American pop. Plus, Jpop
brings back feelings I experienced watching my favorite anime--that's how I
got into it in the first place. I used to actually like TLC, but their
sound started to annoy me (probably why I don't listen to S.E.S much). For
a while I listened to punk/hardcore...I won't go into that. The sub-culture
is...not for me. I've *never* liked real American techno, however I do
enjoy Nine Inch Nails (though I rarely listen to it now). I love Two-Mix's
music for Gundam Wing--I don't like most of their other music, though,
'cause it sounds way *too* techno. My favorite band at the moment is X
Japan. I started out thinking that their lyrics were hilariously
overdramatic, but was impressed by a lot of the stuff they did with their
music once I downloaded some mp3s. I love classical music and choir music
(not gospel, though)--I highly enjoy Utena's soundtrack because of the choir
and the harmonies. I don't usually *listen* to classical 'cause I can't
sing along...and the choir music I've sung and heard in America bores me
after a short time.

I believe that I would still like anime were it to become popular. I just
think that would take some of the fun out of it. Not only do I enjoy anime,
but it's also like a mystery. In order to learn about it and find out about
new stuff (since I don't speak Japanese), you have to look.

I also think that I like anime because of its expressiveness as well as the
way things are expressed. It speaks to me on a different level than
anything else. And my interest has been far more enduring than normal,
though 4 years is a short time. But there's so much to anime and loosely
related to anime to keep my interest. Even if anime became popular, would
Japanese music? I think not. Could everyone draw anime? So I suck at
drawing...I still understand the physical quirks of the style since I've
heavily researched it (haven't found too much new or in-depth--do any of you
have any suggestions?) Damn, I'd like to try drawing a manga if only I
could draw. ^_^

I like to create. I used to want to write for a living, but that ceased to
inspire me. I'm searching for my own style of telling a story--and I see a
lot in anime and manga that I'd want to integrate. Anime, like most fans
say, was something new and fresh to me. American animation had played
itself out (not that there's much to it in most cases). I haven't seen Iron
Giant (though I wanted to), but I guess I really missed out...I should look
into that.

As far as RPGs/video games. I like computer RPGs as well--as long as they
are a computer game. I highly enjoyed Bethesda's Daggerfall (am anxiously
awaiting Morrowind, which is very delayed). It was non-linear unless you
wanted it to be and had hours of entertainments that were not part of a
story line. However, I have no dexterity or talent for video games. I
believe it is because I never played them when I was young (I didn't even
have any), so it will always take my much longer to master any game. I can
have a pretty dab hand a straight-out fighting games (just try to beat me
with Red Shadow in Bushido Blade!), but anything more involved I prefer to
watch someone else play. I watched my boyfriend play FF VII for hours and
highly enjoyed it...Too bad we weren't dating when FFVIII came out. *grin*
I especially enjoy anime video games because I love the way the characters

I think anime is my favorite art form...and it is an art form, not a cartoon
as most people I talk to say. I've finally convinced my dad of that (though
I think his interest runs to hentai *blech* 'cause he asked me about it
once)...surprisingly, with an anime music video I downloaded. (I don't like
my dad much)

Maybe 15 years from now I'll have exhausted my interest in anime and won't
like it any more than I like other things. Maybe I'll have gone crazy and
moved to Japan. Maybe I'll be dead. (Any of you guys remember what Sawa
says to Oburi in Kite...Tomorrow may never come for us? I loved that. It
was an awesome scene...the whole movie was great, though). I can't really think of anything else to say (unless I want to
take records for longest posts in history), so thanks for your comments. I
appreciated everything you had to say (and I'm not lyin').

Oh! BTW: I live in the South...Florida. Tallahassee. Hell. I mean--a
nice city with a small-town friendly feel! (yeah right) Seriously, I like
Tallahassee. I don't really want to leave (everyone else here talks about
getting out of Tallahassee). But it's so far away from all the cons... I
swear, I woulda killed to go to AnimeExpo this year. I got all teary-eyed
whenever I thought about it. *sigh* Chiho Saito, Kunihiko Ikuhara,
Adolescence Mokushiroku... It was a dream come true. Plus, I want to see
X, even knowing it probably won't be great.

I'm doing it again ... I just keep going, don't I?


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