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--- Richie Ramos <> wrote:
> and even then the wing and the heavyarms would be at
> a severe disadvantage,
> given the wide range of weapons that UC gundams have
> been known to use. The
> epyon would be deadly in close quarters combat, but
> up against something like
> the Zeta or worse, the NU (which is almost double
> the height and has way nastier
> weapons), the Epyon would be in very dire straits
> indeed.

::::I can't believe we're at this again::::

the epyon one pretty fast moving unit, give it a good
pilot (Char comes to mind) and he'll be using the
Epyon's (overly fictitous) speed to get up close and

put amuro or char on the DeathScythe and you'd find
tons of false deathscythes on your radar (hyper jammer
abuse) and by the time you figure that out, they'll be
cutting you up even before you can say shinigami. (as
I can recall, the deathscythe is the only wing MS with
speed higher than the epyon.) Considering the fact
that UC mechs rely heavily on visuals, a good use of a
stealth-equipped MS could be very deadly.

..too bad AC mechs don't support Newtypes (I doubt the
Zero make a good substitute for a bio-sensor.)

----no wonder there aren't funnel-type weapons in
Wing... (how does those Planet defensors work again?)

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