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I recieved this stuff and thought that you guys might
enjoy reading it... it based on wing (nothing new
there) and its a bit fun to read, so here, enjoy!

"The Secret Life of Mobile Suits",
written by shadOcast.

If Gundams were Alive....

Wing Zero- ::::such transmissions will be displayed
like this. ::::
Thank you Zero ^_^
Wing Zero- ::::(smiles)::::
So now that you understand how this works, on with the
Another late night and another hard battle. Heero,
Duo, Trowa, Quatre, and
Wufei park their Gundams in the hangar and head for
their rooms to turn in
for the evening, but not before glancing with
admiration at the wonderful
machines that have come through for them time and time
again and spared
their lives yet another day. Each has always seen
their suit as more than a
suit,more like the other half of their personal team.
They often looked on
them as if they had a life of their own.....if only
they knew....
The five suits stood patiently as they heard the echo
of the large hanger
doors clanging shut behind their pilots and listened
as the footsteps trail
of into the distance. Heavyarms was the first to move
from it's appointed
Heavyarms-::::Well I've certainly had enough of this
I'm going to go take a
Nobody said a thing to Heavyarms as he walked off to a
shadowed corner of
the hanger. Heavyarms rarely had anything to say to
anyone anyhow unless he
was getting ready to blow someones head off so the
other Gundams rarely
bothered, they just stayed out of his way.
Deathsycthe Hell made its way over to a group of oil
drums and went looking
for a spout.
Deathsycthe-Hell-::::I dunno about anyone else but
kicking ass makes me
thirsty....anyone else want anything?...Zero?::::
Zero walked over to the edge of the catwalk, usually
used by humans to make
repairs on the upper parts of their mobile suits, but
it made a decent
substitute for a table for 5 story mobile suits.
Wing Zero-::::Sure I could go for that::::
Deathscythe Hell-::::Sandrock?....Netaku?::::
Netaku waved to D-Hell in acknowledgement of his offer
and walked over to
where Zero was standing. Sandrock also joined Zero.
Sandrock-(slamming his fist down on the
"counter")::::NO! I DO NOT NEED
keeps holding me back
and it's DRIVING ME INSANE!!! all the time its
SURRENDER! Forget the surrender! THEY NEVER DO IT
ANYWAYS!! the morons!
What's their problem anyways? Lets skip it JUST TRASH
THEM!! Are they not
afraid of me? WELL THEY SHOULD BE ! They should be
AFRAID!!! The kid is killing my image!::::
Netaku watched Sandrocks display with a bit of boredom
in his eyelights and
watched as D-hell put spouts in the oil drums and
walked over to them,
handing them their drinks. Zero took the can from
D-hell and looked at it
thoughtfully before voicing his own thoughts.
Wing Zero-::::You think you've got pilot
problems....Every day I'm losing
more and more control over Heero. It used to be lots
of fun....I'd show him
something, drive him nuts, and we'd trash everything
in the area. That's
starting to get old tho. Right now I think I need a
vacation. I've been at
it now for two weeks trying to tell him....(gazing
hypnoticly) you neeeeeed
a vacation, you neeeeeeed a vacation....... I even fed
that boy 200 images
of that Relena girl in a bikini. Sure it gets his
attention......but he's
not getting the message. I'm beginning to think that
the boy doesn't know
what a vacation is. All I end up doing is distracting
him *alot* and that's
gonna get us both killed::::
Wing Zero looked curiously over at D-hell who seemed
to be fumbling with a
small package of something.
Wing Zero-::::(eyebrow raised)D-hell what are you
Deathscythe Hell-::::They're skittles...for my drink
(grin) some cute chick
taught me this::::
Netaku-::::You don't know any cute chicks::::
Deathsycthe Hell-::::Yeah I do::::
Netaku-::::riiiiiight you knew that
Wing really blew it with that
Deathsycthe Hell-::::Oh you guys could do
Netaku-::::Yeah but..."Hey baby what's your sign?"::::
Deathsycthe-Hell leans back against the wall ignoring
the taunt, calling to
mind a vision of that Aeries.
Deathscythe-Hell-::::That Aeries had nice legs.::::
Sandrock Smirked.
Sandrock-::::Not as nice as the pair on Noin's
Netaku-::::I think you should get over Noin's
taurus...I mean look at you
your obsessed! Not only that but you should see the
way Epyon looks at
her....I don't think your going to win this one.::::
Sandrock scowled at Netaku and Netaku shrugged off the
glare of death.
Sandrock-::::And what has Epyon got that I havn't
Netaku-:::: a tail...the fem suits definately like a
mech with a cute
D-hell and Zero nodded in agreement. Then Netaku
Netaku-:::: Epyon also has Noin's Taurus' full
Sandrock-::::Well nobody ASKED you JUSTICE BOY! At
least *I'm* not in love
with my pilot::::
Netaku-:::: I can see why.....your pilot wears pink
shirts and stops battles
for tea time.::::
Sandrock-::::Hey! DON'T mess with the kid. Leave the
kid out of it.::::
In spite of their differences Sandrock really had a
soft spot for Quatre and
he wasn't about to let anyone hurt or bad mouth him in
any way.
Netaku-::::The *kid* is weak!::::
Sandrock-::::THAT'S IT!...this is the part where you
shout" IT'S A GUNDAM"
and prepare to DIE!!::::
Sandrock tackled Netaku and pinched it between his
heatblades as they rolled
around the room kicking up a cloud of dust that had
been settling for
decades in the hangar. Nothing could be seen of them
aside from their
shiloettes and the occasional stray fire blasts and
bullets that erupted
from the cloud and tore holes in the sides of the
hangar. D-hell and Zero
Watched the fray.
Wing Zero-(shaking his head)::::They're going to wake
up Heavyarms....I see
no future for them...::::
As if on cue Heavyarms appeared guns ready from the
cloud of dust and headed
over to Netaku and Sandrock. Without a word he let
them both have it with
several rockets and both mecha breasts. They turned
and counter attacked and
the dust cloud got even thicker as one more Gundam
joined the fray.
Wing Zero began to emit a warning beep.
Zero,having the most sensative radar and the partial
ability to predict the
future had picked up on something.
In a room not far from the hangar Heero stirred in his
sleep. He could hear
it...that sound...explosions and gunshots...his eyes
snapped open on
instinct as he honed in on its source. Frowning he got
out of bed and put on
his spandex shorts and went to awaken the
others.....something was wrong.
Noone should have known about this hideout let alone
come to attack it.

Wing Zero-::::Somebody's comming::::
Deathscythe Hell-::::look at this mess...::::
Noone was listening.
Wing Zero-::::GUYS!!!::::
Still noone listened. Zero put his hand on his
forehead...he was getting a
circuit ache. He peeked at D-hell from under his hand.
Wing Zero-::::Shall we?::::
Deathscythe Hell-::::(smirk) Let's::::
Zero and D-hell ran head first into the fray. D-hell
tripped Heavyarms and
picked it up by its right leg and held it upside down.
D-hell used it's
scythe to Trip up Netaku while Wing Zero pinned him to
the floor under his
foot. Zero grabbed Sandrock and held its twin buster
rifle to his head. And
that's how it was when the dust and smoke cleared.
D-hell looked at
Deathscythe Hell-::::Now that we have your full
Heavyarms-::::(sneering at both having his fun
intterupted and being upside
Wing Zero-::::The pilots are comming this way, we
don't have time to clean
this place up so everyone as fast as you can get back
to your spots.::::
Zero barely got past " the pilots are comming" and
everyone split faster
than they eye could follow and found their places just
as the door to the
hanger flew open.
Heero stood in the doorway, gun ready as usual, and
surveyed the scene
before him and frowned. The others stepped in behind
him and stood staring
at the mess
"Look at this place!"Duo gestured at the shambles that
used to be a hanger."
This is a bigger mess then that one party we had at
Quatre's house."
Quatre started getting a headache at the mention of
that particular
party."you remember right?" Duo went on laughing at
the memory. "Somebody
spiked the punch and Rashid put on that dress and...."
"Duo...shut up,"Heero interjected. Quatre laughed
inwardly and shook his
head. Not that that wasn't fun but, they certainly had
made a mess. Duo had
said that *someone* had spiked the punch, and Quatre
was quite sure he knew
who that *someone* was.
Wufei didn't say a word he just went over to examine
his Gundam more
Duo didn't shut up but instead changed the subject.
"So how do you think Oz found us?"
Trowa looked around the hangar then at the Gundams and
then Back around the
Hangar again.
I'm not so sure it was Oz. It doesn't make any sense."
"He's right,"Quatre agreed"Why would Oz come here and
trash this place but
leave the Gundams here?"
"But, it has to be Oz,"Duo argued."This is a's *ALWAYS* Oz in
the fanfics."
Heero too was puzzled by this. He decided to ask Wing
Zero. The Gundams
watched holding their *breath* as Heero climbed into
the cockpit of Wing
Heero sat down and punched a few buttons then asked
Zero about what had
happened in the hangar. A few lights flashed on the
panels but Zero didn't
give Heero his answer. Heero frowned.
Wing Zero-(to the other 4) ::::Come on you guys.....I
need help here.....I
don't know what to tell him and I can't tell him what
happened.....I'm no good at excuses::::
Heero tapped the panel again impatiently, his
irritation growing by the
Suddenly the yellow lights on the screen whirled
around and Heero was
bombarded with many strange images.
Heero was surprised at what he saw but not the least
bit amused. He exited
and went over to where the others were. Wufei had
finished his inspection of
Netaku and joined the group at the foot of Zero.
"So what did Zero tell you?" Wufei asked.
All of them stood waiting impatiently for the answer.
Heero frowned.
"Zero says that this damage was caused by a group of
aliens lead by the
Epyon and Elvis......Someone must have tampered with
it.....Relena doesn't
have a dog."
"A dog?" Quatre was puzzled. Heero turned to Duo to
"Zero also said...that a dog ate Duo's homework." Duo
smirked and raised an
Deathsycthe Hell-::::^_^::::
They all ran many systems checks on their Gundams but
they never did find
out what actually happened that night. So it became
just one more strange
night in the life of the Gundam pilots.
The end

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