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We're mutts. I heard something like that on "The Wonder Years" and it made
enough sense to remember it, because it applies to you as an American
whether you like it or not, unless you are an immigrant, child of immigrants
of the same nationality, or a Native American, of course. It kind of makes
you wonder; in what generation does a mutt become his own breed? Though
they probably originated somewhere in China, I like to compare Americans to
pugs (I've had three). Look at them; they look like aliens, not something
that you'd find out in the wild running around. Also, because they'll sit
like us (upright, feet out), and eat Cheetos on the couch butt-naked, and
even communicate in Yerkish symbols. Ah,
the American way of life. I hope you can find some aspect of it to
appreciate. Maybe you would consider spending a little time in the deep
South. That'll tattoo a love for home onto your soul (especially if you
live somewhere up North [like Canada]).

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From: "Lady Rhyaniwyn":
  I don't feel strongly about being American--we're too
varied. What is an American, anyway?

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