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Thu, 27 Jul 2000 23:46:22 -0700

>The below is quoted directly from's Front Page:
>*"Gundam Rumor Mill: The next Gundam Series is rumored to be called "Gundam
>the Fire" or "Gundam the Ride"...this Month's Newtype is reported to have an
>article on the upcoming series that replaces Turn A Gundam which finished up
>its run in March. Since that time, speculation was focusing on a sequel
>series to Turn A Gundam but Bandai/Sunrise were quiet on the issue...until
>now? More info as it comes in..."*
> Even though neither will probably be the final name, the rumored titles
>suggest, at least IMHO, that the show could be a high energy show. I.E.
>Intense and action packed battles and an roller coaster of a plot. I am
>probably dead wrong though.
> Has anyone on the GML that speaks/reads Japanese, read this article in
>NewType, yet? If so, does it reveal any details?

  Yeah, the article is just about the amusement-park ride of this name,
not a new animated series. It's a simple misunderstanding.

-- Mark

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