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Chris Beilby wrote:

> Generally, the Epyon against any UC suit, no matter what the size, would be
> at a severe disadvantage. The Epyon is a close combat suit. It doesn't have
> the long range weapons needed to hold it's own against the UC suits. This
> in fact holds true for most of the Gundams in Wing. The AC Gundams are
> designed for close combat, with the exceptions of the Wing and the
> Heavyarms.

True except all the AC Gundams are made of that super indestructable Gundanium,
which judging from watching the anime is MUCH stronger than Luna titanium, and
extremely resistant to Beam weapons to boot. Beam sabers bounce off the stuff
for Daikun's sake!

Epyon is also a very fast and maneuverable MS, I don't know of any UC MS that
could harm it except
Mabey some of those ZZ and sentinel era monsters.

Out of all the Charas in Wing, Zechs appears to be the best pilot. (even if he
is a weak Char clone) so I think his skills are comparible to the UC aces. I
mean, he made his rep in a Leo, at least Char had a Zaku!

Then there's the ZERO system...

All in all I think Epyon would kick ass in the UC universe.

---Brett Jensen

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