Fri, 28 Jul 2000 02:09:15 EDT

The below is quoted directly from's Front Page:

*"Gundam Rumor Mill: The next Gundam Series is rumored to be called "Gundam
the Fire" or "Gundam the Ride"...this Month's Newtype is reported to have an
article on the upcoming series that replaces Turn A Gundam which finished up
its run in March. Since that time, speculation was focusing on a sequel
series to Turn A Gundam but Bandai/Sunrise were quiet on the issue...until
now? More info as it comes in..."*

  Even though neither will probably be the final name, the rumored titles
suggest, at least IMHO, that the show could be a high energy show. I.E.
Intense and action packed battles and an roller coaster of a plot. I am
probably dead wrong though.

  Has anyone on the GML that speaks/reads Japanese, read this article in
NewType, yet? If so, does it reveal any details?

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