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Hey, this is what I've been saying all along: Gundam X won't win any awards
for depth but, overall, it's entertaining. I can certainly think of worse
mecha shows. People bash X because it doesn't live up to Gundam's usual high
standards but, as a whole, the quality of the Gundam shows is surprisingly
high for a universe with so many spinoffs. ZZ Gundam appears to be the only
show of the entire lot that's universally seen as a loser. Given that there's
20 years worth of movies, TV series, and OVAs from different creative teams,
that's pretty damn good. Amazing, even.

>I really don't like Jamil at all, the whole sunglasses wearing
>Newtype is too Quattro Bajina.

Not even. Jamil is much closer to Coach from Gunbuster. The character designs
and personalities are almost identical. Watch Gunbuster, BTW. It's a good take
on the super robot genre.

>Still, taken on its own its a decent alternate universe Gundam saga. I'll
>put it ahead of Wing, since it doesn't blatantly rip of characters/plot
>elements as frequently, doesn't have Relena, the bishounen factor is low,
>and the fact that the X and the Double X are nice MS's in the "classic"
>look. It falls behind all UC stories, as well as Turn A, though, at least
>from what I've seen.

Really? You liked ZZ Gundam better? Hell, I wasn't going to watch ZZ because
of all the bad press it's got but if it's better than X, I'll check it out.

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