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Fri, 28 Jul 2000 05:09:34 GMT

On a sidenote, have you ever wonder where Gundam names come from?
I mean, Char Aznable (wondered ages about this) Quess Paraya, Seabrook Arna,
Anavel Gato, umm not the 0080 bunch, Chibodee Crockett (Sound American to
you?) and yes Quattro Bah wheep graagnah wheep nini bong. They all somehow
roll off the tongue in a weird sort of way, almost like it's not supposed
to, but it does. (I won't mention Aura Battler Dubine names here, since it's
not the place to. *restrains self from saying 'Marvel Frozen'*)

>From: Soimichiro Watanabe <>
>Subject: Re: [gundam] zechs goes ala Quatro?!
>Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 21:49:18 -0700 (PDT)
>--- Echo|Fox <> wrote:
> > Bah wheep graagnah wheep nini bong!
>we accept your offer of universal peace!!!
>-I still prefer the japanese story for transformers
>though..... Convoy Jinrai kicks ass!
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