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I think I was trying to explain this earlier. From what you've said in
your email though, you seem to condemn other cultures just because it isn't
Asian or Anime-related. This means, you do not understand Anime or the
beauty of art entirely. This is just a personal observation, but to be
honest...this is what I believe what you are thinking.


>Funny someone should mention this, as I've been giving my reasons for liking
>anime serious thought lately.
>I'm sure most of you know all the various opinions on American fans applying
>the word "otaku" to themselves (and, therefore, the origins of the word,
>translation, etc.) In an article I read in Anime Fantastic (I think) a
>while ago that pertained to "Perfect Blue," a quote from the director
>mentioned that some types of 'otaku' would lose interest in their obsession
>if it became popular in the mainstream.
>Now, I love anime. I love the general style, all of its variations (well, I
>don't like the style in DragonBall--hope no one wants to kill me for it--as
>well as some other artists' styles, but I'm sure you understand what I
>mean). I highly enjoy Japanese music, I admire Japanese culture, I make
>anime webpages...Manga, anime music videos--anything anime, I'll give a try.
>Even so...I discovered anime through none other than Sailormoon. I became a
>web designer because, after looking online for SM info for a while, I
>decided to make my own page (which aborted because SM just ain't that great
>compared to stuff I've seen now). I'm going to make web design my career,
>and I already make some money at it. All thanks to anime.
>I notice myself being hypocritical. I'm really against American pop--but if
>it's JPop... I even like S.E.S somewhat, but they remind me so much of TLC
>(who I *don't* like), that I have to wonder if I only allow myself to like
>them because they're Asian. When I went to see Titan AE, I said, "It's
>good, but it's not anime."
>Mostly, it's the entire visual aspect of anime that appeals to me, I
>believe. I'm not into RPGs (I feel silly), or video games (I'm really bad
>at them, so I don't buy them often), or even model building (unlike most of
>you *blush*). Do I only like anime because it's exotic? Would I stop
>enjoying it and stop displaying 'otaku' behavior (I'd never call myself
>'otaku,' understand) if anime became popular?
>I digress too much. Knowing myself, I would say that I would definately
>watch an American series of Gundam, but I would always compare it
>unfavorably (indeed, I'd look for things wrong with it) to Japanese Gundam.
>Even if I enjoyed it. Even if there wasn't anything wrong with it.
>That leads me to question: Do I like Gundam or do I just like it because
>it's anime? If it had always been American, would I like it? Would I have
>ever taken note? And if I only like it because it's anime; why do I like
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