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Thu, 27 Jul 2000 20:15:34 -0400

> Only just had a chance to look at it. Interesting. I've got something
> similar for Silhouette, but that project ground to a halt when a friend
> borrowed the books just before she moved to Sydney without telling

Ouch, tell him to look out for Colony drops, or maybe DON'T tell him...

> not so sure about Newtypes
> yet, but I think I'll use Ben Wright's rules.

Well I liked Paterson's MSM rules for NT the Mecha affinity was what
we gave Char, the bonus to piloting, and stuff was perfect for him... The
problem with NT is that they all seem to be very specifically talented...

> I just tend to ignore fuel except as a special effect or a plot device.

Like I said... Fuel and BS... just to make up for the extra weight...

> >That's ok, I only have 3 mechsheets up right now... GM, Zaku II, and
> >the RX-78-2 Gundam...

Soon to be adding the RGM-79E, RGM-79(G), RX-78NT-1 Alex
and a Gouf or two...

> >Yeah I'm 8 weeks into my playtesting, and going back Saturday the only
> >one of us who was ready was me as my game was just on pause anyway...

> Thats how I ended up running this. GM who'se s'posed to be running a 5
> Rings samurai romp with obligatory blood hose says 'no, two weeks is just
> not enough time for me to prepare my art'. Tomorrow is the second session
> and I'm still trying to come up with plot, or at least story.

Funny my Sengoku game was on the Distant Horizon, but two weeks is basically
what I had to get back into my Gundam game... good thing my extra Gashapons
came in time...

> Some of them are still recovering from
> learning just how big a Mobnile Suit is.

> >> Given the fragility of MSs, I do allow my players to buy of Kills
> >> that go through Torso armour on a one for one basis. They still
> >> quite learned how fragile they are yet.

Well the first night we had lots of MS blow up, and the Damage was just
too great, at 1D10, and 2D10 we had people dying from collateral clouds
of plasma, but you never see many double fire blossoms in Gundam, and
with Wing out, everyone expects you to fly cooly through the fireballs, so
we took the damage down to 1D6, and 2D6 so it could still vaporize the
wall of a colony 10K, but not destroy a mobile suit that had just run from
its own beam saber slash fest...

> >I ended up doubling the SP of my shields by the end of the game... and we
> >also allow you to move shots to another location using 1 point per point
> >the hit table...

Actually the moving the hits was Christian's Idea, I doubled the shields 4
SP up to 8 when I realized it didn't provide all the protection needed to
stop a Zaku Bazooka once, and be thrown away like in the series...

> I like that one. Mind if I borrow it?

Naw go right ahead... no point in exchanging ideas if somebody isn't
getting anything out of it...

Now are your players on this list, or should we talk in private about your
story line issues...


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