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Lady Rhyaniwyn wrote:

> Funny someone should mention this, as I've been giving my reasons for liking
> anime serious thought lately.

You raise some interesting points.

> I notice myself being hypocritical. I'm really against American pop--but if
> it's JPop... I even like S.E.S somewhat, but they remind me so much of TLC
> (who I *don't* like), that I have to wonder if I only allow myself to like
> them because they're Asian. When I went to see Titan AE, I said, "It's
> good, but it's not anime."

I do too. It annoys the hell outta my wife. There's just something about
american pop music that I don't like, I think J pop sounds more like American
pop from the early to mid 80s and it doesn't really change that fast, so mabey I
like it better because it's like the music of my youth.

As far as AE goes, it was a step in the right direction but unfortunately the
people responsible couldn't break too much from the American animation school
formula, and just make a good movie. Instead they had all these cutesy aliens
and stuff. "The Iron Giant" on the other hand is a very american animation which
captures the spirit of anime without aping it. So in that regard at least I can
like an american cartoon as much as anime, it just isn't gonna happen very
often. ^_^

> I digress too much. Knowing myself, I would say that I would definately
> watch an American series of Gundam, but I would always compare it
> unfavorably (indeed, I'd look for things wrong with it) to Japanese Gundam.
> Even if I enjoyed it. Even if there wasn't anything wrong with it.

You wouldn't be a Gundam fan if you didn't. ^_^

> That leads me to question: Do I like Gundam or do I just like it because
> it's anime? If it had always been American, would I like it?

I certainly would.

---Brett Jensen

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