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Thu, 27 Jul 2000 16:10:29 EDT

I have a feeling my previous reply might get me trouble, so allow me to
introduce myself. (I always have trouble with people on mailing
lists...*sigh* I don't express myself well, I think).

I'm Rhyaniwyn. I've been designing anime webpages & enjoying anime for a
pathetic (compared to some people!) 4 years.

I have a tendency to write in a manner that is inflammatory. Not
necessarily inflammatory as in insulting; I just like to ask questions I
already know the answers to (related to opinions, not facts) and put forth
ideas I may not necessarily agree with. I'm not doing it on purpose,
really, I just write and speak in a manner I know elicits a response. Plus,
I'm painfully honest about my motives. Meaning that I might mention in a
conversation things that will cast a bad light upon my character.

For example:
My last post summed up is something I think all foreign (to Japan) anime
fans should consider. I know I like anime for very "legitimate" reasons. I
wonder if those legitimate reasons contribute more or less than the derided
reasons for liking anime (some of which I mentioned). How, since I am not
Japanese, can I presume to appreciate something which is, in so many cases,
so infused with Japanese culture. How often do manga artists or anime
directors say that they have strong feelings about being Japanese and try to
express that in their work...which also happens to be pretty popular with
foreign fans. Odd how those foreign fans feel strongly about being

Okay, so you have to admit that many of the themes expressed in any given
anime/manga will be universal. I can't even identify with feeling strongly
about your country. I don't feel strongly about being American--we're too
varied. What is an American, anyway? Just a person, and people don't
change. Individuals vary between each other, but people are always the
same. I don't feel connected to any given society. I'm a genuine loner (or
maybe a geek...take your pick). My best friend (ex best friend ^_^) called
me a misanthrope. I don't like people. I enjoy individuals...I think it's
more a case of me not getting along with other people very well. Dunno why.
  Too stubborn or something, I guess.

I'm bored, basically, I just wanna let you all know that I will
take cruel responses to what I say very personally. You'll really hurt my
feelings, in fact. I might even cry.

I really want to know how you all feel about the issues I addressed,
otherwise I wouldn't have said anything. I *don't* want you to
misunderstand why I'm saying things.

"Kunikida, I love--...Japan." -- Takeuchi
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