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Yeh, it's so hard to tell nowadays. I meant newtype. I lost my podra... I
mean, my mobile suit also. And my slave*... Anyway, somehow this reminds
that I was going to ask if anyone has any Gundam artwork posted on the
internet. I've seen all the fanart on the pages that have been mentioned so
far. Anything else, though?

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>Lost all my money in a game of chance. Stupid Jedi used was moving >the

>Jedi? Either you must mean Newtype or your on the wrong mailing list. >:-)

*P.S. Anyone offended by the mention of a slave, I'm sorry you're offended
so easily by something that neither you nor I have probably ever truly
experienced, and please get over it before you disgust me to death. I would
never support slavery, and if you think otherwise, I feel sorry for you.

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