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Thu, 27 Jul 2000 15:00:42 EDT

Funny someone should mention this, as I've been giving my reasons for liking
anime serious thought lately.

I'm sure most of you know all the various opinions on American fans applying
the word "otaku" to themselves (and, therefore, the origins of the word,
translation, etc.) In an article I read in Anime Fantastic (I think) a
while ago that pertained to "Perfect Blue," a quote from the director
mentioned that some types of 'otaku' would lose interest in their obsession
if it became popular in the mainstream.

Now, I love anime. I love the general style, all of its variations (well, I
don't like the style in DragonBall--hope no one wants to kill me for it--as
well as some other artists' styles, but I'm sure you understand what I
mean). I highly enjoy Japanese music, I admire Japanese culture, I make
anime webpages...Manga, anime music videos--anything anime, I'll give a try.

Even so...I discovered anime through none other than Sailormoon. I became a
web designer because, after looking online for SM info for a while, I
decided to make my own page (which aborted because SM just ain't that great
compared to stuff I've seen now). I'm going to make web design my career,
and I already make some money at it. All thanks to anime.

I notice myself being hypocritical. I'm really against American pop--but if
it's JPop... I even like S.E.S somewhat, but they remind me so much of TLC
(who I *don't* like), that I have to wonder if I only allow myself to like
them because they're Asian. When I went to see Titan AE, I said, "It's
good, but it's not anime."

Mostly, it's the entire visual aspect of anime that appeals to me, I
believe. I'm not into RPGs (I feel silly), or video games (I'm really bad
at them, so I don't buy them often), or even model building (unlike most of
you *blush*). Do I only like anime because it's exotic? Would I stop
enjoying it and stop displaying 'otaku' behavior (I'd never call myself
'otaku,' understand) if anime became popular?

I digress too much. Knowing myself, I would say that I would definately
watch an American series of Gundam, but I would always compare it
unfavorably (indeed, I'd look for things wrong with it) to Japanese Gundam.
Even if I enjoyed it. Even if there wasn't anything wrong with it.

That leads me to question: Do I like Gundam or do I just like it because
it's anime? If it had always been American, would I like it? Would I have
ever taken note? And if I only like it because it's anime; why do I like

"Don't you see? That person hasn't disappeared.
She merely got out of your world." - Anshii
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