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Wed, 26 Jul 2000 22:13:05 -0700

The iMatt wrote:

> About the mecha designs - I thought a few of the mobile armours were a bit
> over-the-top (the Patouria, for example),

I dunno I kinda thought the MAs were nice. X has a more relaxed sense of realism
compared to UC gundam.

> and the generic bad guy suits were pretty basic also.

I actually liked the spartan designs ofthe UC "inspired" bad guy suits.

> I liked the X though. Leopard and Airmaster and the other two just kinda
> reminded me of uh, well, transformers, to be honest.

Airmasters head certainly does. But as a rip off of Gundam Heavyarms, I actually
prefer leopard over it's predecessor. Particularly the upgrade.

---Brett Jensen

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