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> On Wed, 26 Jul 2000 14:50:31 -0400 Chris Maier <>
> >That's right...anybody remember the American "Doctor Who" movie?
> Just because the Doctor ended up kissing a companion for the first

There are a number of things wrong - most of which I'm not a big enough fan
to quite get - for example if what I'm told is correct, the 'Eye of Harmony'
had already been established as being on Gallifrey rather than in the
Doctor's Tardis. I seem to recall a few other things that contradict things
which had been established over the years. As for the Doctor being half
human... For a number of reasons this doesn't really make sense.

> BTW, I thought that was officially cannon now?

I hope not. It wasn't bad but it was, in the end a failure. [poor viewing
figures (mainly in the US so I hear) meant that any plans there might have
been for a series were effectively cancelled]

>Alot of new Doctor Who stuff I've read says that was the official

I've kind of lost touch, so...

>And that was Sylvestor McCoy as the Doctor before he regenerated.
Indeed it was.

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