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>Subject: Re: [gundam] Does the size of my Gundam really matter? (was
>Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 00:00:16 MST
>>the v and f91 ms are also in the same scale as the alternate story
>>so a 1/144 0079 Mech will be larger than a 1/144 V gundam mech, I think
>>explanation is that since MS technology evolved, the scientists were able
>>downsize the MS while at the same time boosting performance, the CCA MS
>>the last large-sized MS. kinda like making compact cars.
>Actually the F91 and V MS are somewhat smaller than the alternate universe
>BTW: I think someone with a Sazabi kit ought to take a picture of the
>next to a F91 or V MS, just to show the difference in size.
>>Matthew Pau
Shouldn't it progress from smaller to bigger? I mean, small mechas are easy
to pilot and all, but if you pit it up against the Psyco Gundam or GP-03,
it's a sure win for the bigger boys. (Unless of course, if you factor in
main character superpilot types like Amuro, Camille, Char and all, who weave
between the laser blasts like some anime director wanted it that way.)
Insert heavy weaponry, and all, and if the technologies allow it, (I mean,
Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher?) make the mecha manueverable as well. The
progress of engineering should make the body support the rest of the mecha
(i.e Psyco Gundam.) Of course, if you have a smaller mecha with heavy
weaponry (Double X) that'd be good too. No, I don't have a point, just felt
like posting.
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