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> Still not decided on that issue, and I don't have to deal with it yet,
> since none of the 1YW MS have a positive MV (mag coated Gundam comes
> closest with +0). However, Zeta and later it could be a problem.

This is why I'm using the chart on the link I sent you... and it gives me
the breadth of the entire series... I don't think Nu Gundam was faster
than the Zeta, but maybe had neater toys... Obviously the control sys
were better and what not, maybe Amuro could get more out of Nu G
than Cammile did Zeta, seeing each was their personally designed MS

> >But if I just shift all your MAs over 2 or 3 points to the negative, then
> >are almost exactly the same. Also I have not added the Maneuver Pool
> >ratings to my units, but should do so soon... since that makes ace pilots
> >better in a better machine, and does that better than a reflexes cap
> Funny you should mention that 'cause I'm using the old Jovian Chronicles
> MV/MA table for 2nd UC MS; the MV there is two points lower.

Refresh my memory, I did adopt the Luck for kills rule, and extra dodge
bonus for moving fast, but on Earth so far that hasn't some into play...

> The weight issue is one that has given me a bit of a headache. The
> way to make MS that match canonical weight is Ben wright's method, but I
> feel this has a few problems, and the Macha Press way, which resluts in
> lighter mechs, suits my style of GMing better.

Actually I just build what it has, and make the weight what it should be
of course I build it with enough everything to move its 'canon weight' &
it all seems to work out ok... most of my designs came out 15-20 tons
lighter than canon weight, which I just made up for in fuel, and BS...

> Along the way I came up
> with a few possibilities - Weight Inefficency that mirrors Weight
> Efficiency, doubling the weight of every servo & system - but evetually

Zakus become free, or about 10CP to build :)

> decided to use two different weights - canonical and game. Canonical
> weight effects knockback and such, while game weight only effects
> construction (ie. MV, MA, the cost of thrusters).


> Unfortunately, this isn't reflected in the Zaku stats on my site.

That's ok, I only have 3 mechsheets up right now... GM, Zaku II, and
the RX-78-2 Gundam...

> Since the Zakus were originally done as a baseline for aan envisaged
> F90/F91 era game, there are still a few bugs to be figured out. Hopefully
> they'll come out over the next few weeks as we play test them.

Yeah I'm 8 weeks into my playtesting, and going back Saturday into my
game after a brief Hiatus, Neil who will also be running a Gundam game
didn't want everyone to get Gundam burnout, but the gamemaster between
sessions bowed out, and the only one of us who was ready was me as
my game was just on pause anyway...

> "Mobile Suit Mekton" & Ben Wright's guide are the basis I'm using. I
> definitly agree with the Hot Powerplants. Hadn't thought about snap shot
> though.

Well I don't like that someone 'might' always go first in Mekton even with
Initiative rolls, so for someone who rolls low, or has low REF, there is the
snapshot, we also use Cyberpunk's Ambush rules, but no one has tried it

> Given the fragility of MSs, I do allow my players to buy of Kills
> that go through Torso armour on a one for one basis. They still haven't
> quite learned how fragile they are yet.

I ended up doubling the SP of my shields by the end of the game... and we
also allow you to move shots to another location using 1 point per point on
the hit table...


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